Greta Thunberg is coming to Glasgow for COP26

She announced she will be taking part in climate protests in Glasgow next week, also inviting Glasgow workers who plan on striking to join her in the march.

The 18-year-old activist confirmed she would be in Glasgow during Cop26 to take part in the protests on Friday, 5 November.

  • What has strikers got to do with Climate change? :thinking: I mean, I admire her stance, but she isn’t doing herself any favours with this.

Silly little t*rt, she would be better off doing a decent days work


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

she’ll be praising Boris for his efforts.

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Who was it?


One of those doing an honest day’s work? LMAO!!!

She can shout and scream about climate change as much as she likes. Until she gets herself off to that part of the world where the major polluters live and shouts at them I’ll ignore her. She’s no better than those other idiots who keep blocking the bloody roads and the other group who are at this moment causing problems at an oil refinery. The sooner these work shy waste of space get out of people’s lives the better. The climate has probably changed more times than we could possibly know and no amount of protesting will change a thing. What we seriously need to look at is the unrelenting growth of the human race.


At least she’s out there doing something about it.

Something has to happen and why shouldn’t our generation have to put up with a bit of inconvenience….we caused the mess the worlds in ….we are the throwaway generation .

Yes Greta fight for your future.

Before you all start shouting I don’t expect many to agree with me going by what’s already been written on this thread !


I do agree somewhat, Ripple…I do like Greta, and think she is doing good things in making people sit up and take notice. Certainly annoying those that “could” do something about it anyway. I just don’t know what her point is when she is marching with the strikers. These are people looking for a better pay deal, which is an entirely different kettle of (unclimatised) fish. Its almost like she is protesting for the sake of it and thereby diluting(?) the point of her being there. :woman_shrugging:


Hi Pixie I suppose there’s no such thing as bad publicity .
If it keeps her & the movement centre stage it can’t be bad

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That is true, yes. :+1: If I wasn’t such a wuss about crowds right now, I would like to go along to one or two events. But it’ll be pelting down now doubt :roll_eyes:

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How is she getting to Glasgow ?

I would love to know how much money she is getting. She ain’t doing it for nothing.

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It didn’t even occur to me that she would be worth anything because she is so young…however…this site

Says…In 2020, the Right Livelihood Foundation awarded Greta $102,062 for the Alternative Nobel Prize. Similarly, the Swedish teenager received $1.15m from a Portuguese rights award.

Once again it looks the Greta Thunberg Hotline for Angry Old Men will going into meltdown.

As a counter balance to Greta Australian PM, Scotty from Marketing is on his way with a grab bag of unexplained and unproven policies.

That Scotty Bloke has discovered Green coal apparently.

Scotty loves coal I wouldn’t be surprised if he has packed some for show and tell at COP26.

Now there’s a contradiction of terms … green and coal in the same sentence pmsl!

You have obviously not listened to Scotty and his Carbon Sequestration BS

Absolute bollocks!


The last time I looked, we as a nation we’re among the lowest in contributing to global pollution. So I say again, why don’t these work shy protesters go to where the problem is and march down their streets. The simple answer they would get moved on very quickly and very harshly and they know that. Plus I see the motorway suicide squad is on duty again. It appears that whoever is directing these idiots is determined to get one of them killed to keep them in the headlines.