Good Morning - Wednesday 9th, February

Morning all!

Hope you’re all having a great day.

I slept for 10 hours last night, so I’m bushy-tailed for a bit, so I thought I’d start the morning thread a bit early.

Have fun, all!

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Good on yer Butterscotch…
And a very good morning from Foxy’s World… :039:
Just gonna have a quick shower and see what’s going on down at the local Tesco.
Quite mild outside and not a cloud in the sky…I can feel a walk coming on…

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Good Morning!
The weather is dull but at least it’s not raining

I had a good night’s sleep last night and feel better than I did yesterday
I’ll wait for the traffic to die down then I’ll set off about 09-30 to do some shopping
I should be back home by mid morning, then I’ll see what the rest of the day brings

Good morning everybody.

Most of today is a waiting game for me. I’m expecting a delivery from Amazon of a Keter plastic storage unit. Originally I ordered it to keep Tony’s new mobility scooter in but have decided to use it for garden storage instead because I don’t think we’d get the scooter in it sideways!

I’ll catch up on some cleaning & ironing while waiting.

Tony is out with our son Ady for the day. He’s a good lad - always takes his dad out for the day at least once a week.

Have a good day all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning everyone!

I need to go to the new place this morning to supervise the installation of the washing machine, and let the carpet fitters in. I really should take a box of stuff with me to begin the shifting process…a kettle and coffee would be a good start, eh? Oh, and I won £3.30 on the Euromillions…just another few million to go then :joy:

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:


Congrats! Party time! (with some coffee maybe)

I used to play scratchers years ago. I kept a spreadsheet. I was often a few dollars ahead. It was fun.

Morning everyone,

The blue sky is trying hard, but I don’t think it’s going to beat the clouds. Still, at least it’s not raining!

Might take a drive out to my favourite fabric shop today, as I want to see if they’ve got some royal blue sweatshirt fabric to make a couple of school cardigans for my granddaughter. I get so frustrated with the ones they sell in the uniform shop because, apart from being so expensive, they always shrink, as the manufacturers never prewash the fabric.

Wishing you all an enjoyable day whatever your plans :blush:

Good morning all its wet and cold here yukky kinda morning, will log in today to check if my water bill is ready pay it and then my mind will settle with another tick in my red cash book LOL

Hope everyone is good and life is treating you well.

Off shortly for the 2nd dog run of the day amazing how in the cold and wet the garden is not an appealing place but show her a lead and she’s weather proof…LOL

@PixieKnuckles What brought about your moving? I find it fascinating at times thought process to large life events.

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@Kazz I’ve been on the waiting list for a few years, because running a 3 bedroom flat (spare rooms now as the kids have been away for years) was getting too expensive so I wanted a 1 bedroom. Covid stopped everything for a while, then suddenly this 1 bedroom came up ready to move into. I rather think the HA were itching to get their hands on a family sized house in the middle of town, so have been a tad pushy, hence the rush. :roll_eyes: Plus of course, prices are rising dramatically all across the board as it is so I couldn’t even afford to stay here even if I wanted to. :frowning_face:

Morning all, had a day down the beach hut yesterday with Mrs Bread to open it up, air it off and clean it out before the spring. What a lovely day - super sunny and warm for this time of year.

Morning all, mens shed in a while then not much else, damp and dreary out there at the moment. Enjoy.

Morning all. It was a sunny start, but clouding over now.

I made a discovery yesterday - I have rats living under my shed. image
They gotta go.

I should have listened to my dogs. They told me a couple of weeks ago.

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: sunny and mild at the moment.

I’m feeling on top of the world today, my daughter had a phone call from her Consultant yesterday giving her the results of her last PET scan… ‘ Completely clear of any disease ‘! After 9 months of debilitating chemo she can start living her life again.:slightly_smiling_face:. She has to go to Oncology today to see the Consultant and talk about future checks. Such a relief!

Enjoy your day everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


What a great start to the day !

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Great to hear, Mags! Glad to hear that your daughter is doing well.

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Brilliant news and such a relief Mags…
Time for a celebration…
:mini: :mini: :mini: :mini: :mini: :mini:

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So pleased for your daughter and family Mags.
What wonderful news for you. :hugs:

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Morning all.

First of all, great news from Mags! You must be so relieved.

And Mups…oh dear, yes they need to go! I am hoping the cats which make uninvited visits to my garden will keep any vermin down. Or Holly, for that matter!

Housework for me shortly.

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I could rent you Mrs Fox if you have any trouble getting rid of the rats Mupsy, not much survives when they have been on the receiving end of her tongue…Or mop head…

Fabulous news, Mags! :hugs:

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