Good Morning Wednesday 26th Jan

Good morning from Foxy’s world… :039:
Dark outside but not feeling too cold. An early visit to Tesco before the crowds arrive.
Out for a walk after breakfast when I return…

Morning OGF and everyone else to come in yet.

We are setting up our fish tank this morning and this afternoon will have to buy some more gravel to put in the tank and some water plants.

Have a nice day all.

Happy Australia Day or Invasion Day, depending on your point of view

Happy Australia Day, Bruce. Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Good Morning everyone.

Very mild here today.

Busy day planned - going to be working with my trusty electric screwdriver and hammer drill - have shelves to put up. Also - going to a neighbours house to put her Christmas stuff up in her loft - her knees are bad and she cannot cope with the loft ladder anymore.

Then - into the craft room - box to make for a friend’s birthday gift, and four cards to make.

Been a slog of a day, not to mention cold and just generally all around unpleasant.
Hump day done and dusted
@Bruce Happy Aussie day

Good Morning all, a bit nippy here.

Happy Australia Day.

My M&S haggis thingy was very tasty but I don’t think I’d buy it again, more like a haggis shepherd’s pie. Haggis for sissys!

Have fun all

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Good morning and a happy Australia day to you @Bruce :birthday:

A slight frost here but a sunny day ahead so no complaints. :sunglasses:

Our dog Alfie :dog: is going to the vet’s for an op today, he needs a growth removing from his tummy and a couple of teeth removing, so the majority of my day will be just trying to keep my mind busy with odd jobs rather than just sitting around feeling guilty for putting him through it… :flushed:

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:


Good morning everyone, busy day today, spring cleaning, ironing, and gardening.

What ever you are doing, have a happy day ,stay safe.

Morning all :wave:

Sorting out the freezer this morning, deep joy.

If you do spring cleaning in the depths of Winter in January, what the Dickens do you do in the Spring!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Best wishes and gentle hugs for Alfie, Barry, I hope all goes well.

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Thank you for the update, Maree. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

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Does look a strange animal @Maree , particularly with that Butterscotch sauce on top… :rofl:

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:joy: It was supposed to be whisky sauce, but honestly, it was a bit bland and claggy. It wasn’t cheap either, £10 quid and just enough for four of us, you know what M&S are like. Next year, I’m going back to the real thing, for haggis and whisky!

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Hope all goes well today with your little man, I’m sure he will be fine, keep us updated, will check out the dog thread later, for any news,:pray:

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Morning all, another dull but dry day forecast here.

Oh that’s a shame, but I expect you’re pleased you tried it. ‘Haggis for sissys!’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Barry I hope Alfie’s op goes well, poor boy. At least he doesn’t have all the anticipation worry that we have!

Oh and Happy Australia Day @Bruce :australia:

I bought a little pack of ‘decorate them yoursellf’ gingerbread valentine hearts for my granddaughter, but my daughter reminded me that she doesn’t like gingerbread :frowning_face:. Oh well, she’ll enjoy decorating them, and we can eat them. I’ll make some large biscuits for her to decorate for herself too.

Enjoy your day whatever you’re up to :blush:

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Morning all.

Hope all goes well for Alfie today. Yes, we do feel guilty, don’t we? I was like that when Holly had her teeth cleaned last year.

A quick trip to the library for me and hopefully also to Pets at Home. Still waiting for them to top up their dog biscuit bins, and hoping they have had a delivery. Yes, I should phone to check, but no harm in looking in other stores while there, eh?

Blimey ST…don’t fancy your choice of activities today! I’ve not set foot in my loft since buying this house, simply because I am too much of a wuss.


Thanks all, I am not doing anything special for Australia Day, though i might watch the Sydney fireworks on TV later and I did have three beers after my walk (usually only have one or two)


Morning all.
Light frost but sunny here in the West Country.
Bit of shopping after I’ve hoovered the windows :grinning:

Ahh, hope everything goes alright with Alfie, Barry.

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