Good Morning - Wednesday 17th November

Good Morning all,

Cold and damp here today. Planning to spend the day in the Craft Room - a couple of fun commissions to work on and Christmas gifts to make. Have already prepped lunch and dinner - so just need to light the gas when the hunger pangs start.

I hope you all have a safe day!

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Good morning all, feeling slightly better today, but have been up most of the night with out Cat Coco, she is not very well, I spoke to the Vets yesterday afternoon, they said to leave her for another 24 hrs, if no improvement then bring her in.

Have a nice day all.


It looks like it will be a reasonably fine day today, although the forecast was for showers later
But I should have enough time this morning to do various errands in the town centre –

Library, bank, get a passport photograph for the review & renewal of my driving licence
This afternoon I’ll go to a large discount/bargain store and stock up on cans & packets of food ready for Christmas and the winter

A Working Man’s Club just off the town centre does breakfasts so I’ll call there first for a bacon butty & a cup of tea

Oh dear Tabbs you make me feel guilty I have just got up made a coffee and returned to bed with it .
Susie I hope your cat gets better today .
I have poor Mr M not well he has had a fever and sore throat for days now .
Tested negative for covid yesterday but won’t go to the health centre.
Zulu that bacon butty does sound tempting .( although I have not eaten pork for years ) as I love pigs .

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Good Morning All.

Not the best of nights, had the Moderna Vaccine as a Booster yesterday evening and I have a proper reaction to it.

At least it shows that it is working.

A quiet inside day today

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Hello everyone and a very good morning to all OFF members.

Tis cold, foggy with evidence of a very heavy dew here along the south coast at the foot of the downs. . .:wave:

Poor Coco - hope she will be OK.
How are you following that spinal injection?

What do you call a ‘proper reaction’ Swimmy? Everyone I know that has had the booster has been very ill afterward - puts me off going for one!

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a bright dry day here.

Have to go into town this morning so will try to look for some Christmassy things whilst there.

@swimfeeders sorry to hear you have a bad reaction from your booster Swimmy, I had a bad one on the second day with mine. I hope you will feel better soon.

Enjoy your day folks !

Morning all.

My sister had her booster yesterday. I will text her soon and see how she is. Dreading mine on Saturday. Hope all poorlies feel better soon.

Get well soon, Susie’s cat.

Meeting the house seller in the cafe at 1.30 for a chat/catch up.

Are you on the move again, Jazzi?

Good morning all, cooler here but still mild and dry so that’ll do for me thanks.

No plans yet other than cooking lasagne for lunch, but it’s out of the freezer from a batch I made a couple of weeks ago so only a microwave meal really…

I had my booster last week and was fine afterwards apart from an aching arm for a few hours, so I guess not everyone has a bad reaction?

Wishing you all a pleasant day :blush:


Morning everybody! Dreich here this morning, so just pottering around the house today, and food shopping later if it clears up any. If not, then the freezer will be raided. Have a lovely day :wave:

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Sunny day here in Sudbury … makes a change.

Got the heating engineers coming today to quote for a new system boiler, water tank and water softer. Something tells me the quote will make my eyes water a bit :lol: but what can we do, the crappy Combi boiler keeps depressurising and making weird noises so it has to be replaced before the winter.

Anyway, at least its not raining …

Happy Wednesday !

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Good morning everyone

Its very quiet today no wind at all you can hear a pin drop…a good gardening day.

Sorry to hear about Coco…hope she is OK.

I wasn’t too bad with the booster either just a bit off it and an achey arm sorry you are suffering Swimmy

Hope Mr Pixie and everyone feels better soon

Have a good day all


I live on my own
The town centre is a short bus ride or a long walk

I do most of my shopping at supermarkets or local shops, but about every couple of weeks I go into town to do a few errands, and I walk or catch a bus depending on the weather and how I feel

For a change from making my own breakfast I used to go to Wetherspoons, though I avoided having a pint of bitter at 09-30 in the morning
Then a few weeks ago I found out that Burnley Miners Club serves food during the day so I’ve been going there -
A bacon butty & mug of tea for £3-10, and it’s very good!
I have yet to try dinner

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Good Morning all :slight_smile: Have a wonderful day!



Morning everyone, it’s rather nice out there at the mo, dry and a bit sunny, and set to stay that way all day. Bedding’s in the washer!

Mr B and I had our booster jabs a couple of weeks ago, the Pfizer one, and neither of us had any reaction beyond a slightly sore arm. No headache, nausea, nothing. It was the same with our original two Astra Zeneca jabs. Our son had his booster (Moderna) on Friday and had a sore arm, and felt a little tired after but that was all. So take heart, all of you who are feeling a little nervous - you could well be absolutely fine afterwards.

It’s not our day for having our daughter’s dog today, nor do I have to pick her or granddaughter up from work/school. So I can freely immerse myself in my craft room, yay! (Cue Mr B saying ‘shall we go out somewhere as it’s a nice day?’ :roll_eyes: :joy:)

Enjoy your day folks :blush:


I’m waiting for a quote too Bread…as you say I’m sure it will be a shock…but everything is


Hi ST.

Had the Injections, two nice big puncture holes in my back, it was very painful, I was on the Couch for 40 mins with the procedure, with two Men and two Nurses looking at my bum, never again.

Still in a lot of pain, but is improving a bit, but to be honest if it only works for 2 weeks, then what is the point of going through all that pain and its not solving the actual problem, they are determined that they are not going to give me Surgery, but i’m going to keep on at them until they do.