Good Morning Wednesday 15th May 2024

Good Morning all, it is warm here in Marble Bar

Apparently it still holds the record for the hottest place in Australia, today it will only get to 33°C.

Went shopping at the grocery store, managed to buy a tomato and some orange juice, no fresh milk. Marble Bar is small and remote, a shadow of its former self when gold was first discovered here.

What are you planning for today?


Good morning all!
I’ve been sitting here enjoying the peace and quiet drinking coffee watching the dawn breaking. Bruce, I couldn’t resist Googling metal detecting at Marble Bar. It seems that the council have designated a certain area for detectorists and gold nuggets are still found. You could go home a whole lot richer! :wink:

We’re to be blessed with some sunshine in West Sussex today, no work until tomorrow so I think I’ll go for a leisurely cycle to pick more water mint to keep us going for the next couple of days. I’ll be making banana bread, they’ve ripened well which is advantageous when baking the above :+1:

Have a tip top day people! :sun_with_face::+1:


Good morning everyone, it’s 7am here and looks like it could be another warm, sunny day even though a little rain is forecast this afternoon. Yesterday temperatures reached 30 degrees but in our house in the country here up in the hills, it still hasn’t warmed up indoors, a wooly jumper in the evenings sitting in front of the TV.
I’ll try and post a couple of photos of my “close encounter” yesterday with our unwelcome guests who have been recently invading our land and the whole country. They usually only come out after sunset but yesterday morning around 10am, I was doing a bit of weeding and pruning out on our property, when there they were, only a few yards from me. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went back into my yard, closing the path gate behind me. Luckily we have fencing and gates all around our house. I wasn’t near enough to take good photos (thank God!), but I think you can see what they are if you zoom in. Oink oink is a clue🤣.


Wild boar?
Oh dear, looking at that final picture it would seem that you’d been spotted :wink:
That is gorgeous countryside, absolutely stunning!



What a stunning place you live in, I’m guessing Italy as it reminds me of a place someone I know lives in. She sits with boar she encounters in the forest, she has an amazing way with animals.

Don’t forget ‘our land’ was natures land until we arrived! We’re the pest imo😀

EDIT ; checked your profile, it is Italy!
Person I know bought a place near Sienna


Morning…it’s 12:33 AM here is SW Missouri…still dark out but the insomnia is working full force. I’ve got Berrie (Right) in my lap demanding attention with King Caesar (Left) in the background wondering when breakfast will be served. Today should be a lovely day without tornadoes for a change. I need to get out to the yard with the weed wacker to knock down the jungle before the lions and elephants move in.

The deer have been working on the backyard, So I need to get the fenced-in dog area taken care of…BTW, there are two of them in the photo…can you see the young Female? The young buck is the one eating in the foreground.


Thank you.

Yes, he/she did spot me! They just stand there and stare at you (a bit like cows) and run away if you make a noise.


Thank you.
Yes, Siena is a beautiful town, I visited it once, years ago.
I’m further south.


Morning all – forecast is for sun but at the moment it is overcast and feels quite chilly compared to the last few days (never satisfied that’s me!)

Hope you have your own supplies Bruce, don’t think a tomato and orange juice will sustain you for long!

Didn’t investigate the bus service into town yesterday but spent most of the day sorting things to go into the new cabinet and reading.

Only plan so far today is my regular six monthly blood test – not something I look forward to as I hate needles, still needs must

Take care – have a lovely day


Morning all! We managed to avoid the rain - just!.


Just done the daily walk before it gets too hot or starts raining. Hoping the new printer comes today? but who knows. the one I have now is 10+years old and sometimes it works but mostly doesn’t which is no good to me. it switches on but no screen then doesn’t like being turned off,


Did I mention it was warm?

I walked from the caravan park into town, the funny thing is I was surprised at the temperature but I think you just get used to it, it is just getting dark and the temperature inside my camper is still 34° but should drop to low/mid 20s overnight


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :sleeping_bed:
Rest day today, so just an early visit to the Tesco and a peruse round the forum after breakfast.
It looks very warm around the world judging by some of the posts and brilliant photographs.
Gentle rain here and cloudy, but still warm enough to warrant the shorts. Had a drive down to Nottingham yesterday to have a look at new to me car. It fulfilled all the requirements but under the bonnet was a mess, I think John the Baptist was the last person to look under it, and it will need a new clutch in six months judging by the amount of play on the clutch pedal… :009:
The search continues…


I have chatted to a number of blokes since crossing the Nullarbor who are gold prospecting with metal detectors. Apparently these detectors are so sophisticated these days that they can be set to only register gold (or whatever metal you want)

Also chatted the day before yesterday to half a dozen guys with a big drilling rig on a couple of trucks who were contractors drilling sample bores for prospecting companies - that is big time - they had just finished the job and were on their way home


If I was a bit younger and had the money, I would be out there in a shot Bruce…
Diggin Britt


Good morning! What a beautiful world we live in, near and far!

Bruce, you seem to have perfected your campsite. The teardrop is looking sharp. Do most of the campsites you visit have showers and plumbing?

Chilli, aside from a pina colada, there is no finer use of a banana than bread. My young daughter enjoys making a recipe with sour cream with a side of homemade honey butter, but since she’s too busy with her university classes, if you will kindly pass a slice, I will pass that butter! :smiley:

Rose, who can notice the feral pigs for that view? Is that an old olive tree behind your visitor? What a lovely location! I am sure you enjoy every day of it. We have a nearly a half million feral pigs in Florida that can be traced back to the hogs brought to the New World by DeSoto in the 1500s.

PSXtreme, those dear deer are beautiful, I miss having them visit our place in Kansas City when we lived along a creek there. It every amazes me how they survive the sometimes wickedly cold stretches. Good news that the weather has calmed down a bit, we had quite a mess down here after you sent it our way - mostly in the form of tourists’ flipped campers and RVs.

Sheila, I hope you are enjoying the cabinet; it’s a rare thing to find a craftsman to do that sort of work in my part of the world.

No metal detecting here today, but it reminds me that there is nearby gentleman who runs a small and successful business locating lost metals for people who lose things along the beaches - mostly wedding rings and other jewelry. Although he uses a state-of-the-art detector, it was his neighbor, without so much as a spade, who once found something glittering in the spindrift that turned out to be a $15K Rolex. Either way, both have been more successful than OGF’s friend who clearly hasn’t found enough aluminum cans to even afford pants.

This promises to be a completely unexciting day of pitching snow shovels and other unnecessary items that fall under the category of “You never know when you might need this.” At least I finally have an answer to that question :icon_lol:.

Hoping this finds you well!


Brilliant! You’ve just made me choke on my coffee :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have a box full of cereal, instant noodles, baked beans, tea, coffee etc and fridge with marg, cheese, milk, carrots etc plus about 25 litres of water.

All the paid ones do, if they didn’t you might as well stay at a rest area or in the bush for free (as my kids do). Some remote roadhouses only have power and water for showers (they will happily sell you bottled water or beer). Often it is bore water which sometimes tastes awful (but is safe to drink) and you pay a premium because they are remote and have to generate their own power - I think the most I have paid so far is $45 for a powered site. Before Covid anything over $30 was considered expensive

I can go without power - I have an ensuite “tent” on the side of the car for a shower or toilet and battery/solar power in both car and camper. The aux battery in the car could run the fridge indefinitely even if the car engine is not run as long as it gets sun on the solar panel

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just been removing everything off the computer relating to Epson. thank goodness I have Revo uninstaller program which does most of the uninstall for me. still checked in reg edit that nothing left and there was one item, also cleared from “C” drive which everything works from.

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Yes, @Surfermom, it’s one of our oldest olive trees. We have an olive plantation, like many people in our area. For the last two years though, no olive harvest. One year they were just no good and another year the quantity of olives on the trees was so scarce that they weren’t worth harvesting.

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