Good morning Tuesday 28th Dec

Good morning all, tipping down here again, though very mild and forecast drier later…:sunglasses:

Nothing planned again other than chicken pie for lunch and a couple of odd jobs to do in the workshop. My daughter got me a cheese making kit which I have a brief look at, but I may leave that for awhile before I stink the house out… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wishing you all a pleasant day :blush:

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Morning Barry. What an unusual gift! Have fun with it.

A trip to PaH for me, if they are open. Holly is overdue flea treatment and I could have sworn I had a new pack in stock, but no, can’t find one anywhere. I could go into Morrisons too for a few things. Been so tied up with my sister, sorting out her gas card loss, since Christmas Day, but that has now been sorted, thankfully, and my time is now my own.

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The house is quiet as everybody returned to their home.

I finished off the last of the prawns yesterday, all the big ones had gone :frowning:



Good Morning Barry and all who follow.

I can hear the rain outside and we are on Flood Warnings.

Paula is due here today, but has Covid and is not feeling well at all.

Wendy and Darcy are coming instead.

Mum is great at sorting household stuff out, and Darcy is great at doing the Techie Stuff and selling online, for which she gets 25% of the sale price.

Great Fun.

Have a good day all and stay safe.

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Good morning everyone.
After a night of heavy rain it is dry for the time being and still warm too, so family staying here have decided to hit the city and browse what is available in the sales as most of the shops stayed closed yesterday. This action has left the house quiet, but there is still the mammoth motorhome outside connected to our leccie; the occupants of which have gone with the others as car passengers. I have no interest in the sales which leaves my blondie n me just to ourselves to enjoy some peace for a change.
Whatever you are up to, please be careful and relax to your favourite music while you type … TTFN :wave:


Good morning everybody! :wave: a mild and muggy 6 degrees here, with rain all day. :roll_eyes: Doubt we will see the snow at all now.

Breakfast, then a wee walk I think…after that, who knows!

Have a lovely day everyone :smiley:


Blowing a hoollie here today along with heavy rain showers.
Just had to clear next doors recycling from our garden.
Think it’s a day for the x box :clown_face:


Is the wee walk for you or the dog :clown_face:


Mine is a wee walk…hers is a wee-wee walk! :joy:


Good morning everybody!
Have a relaxing day everyone :slight_smile:



Everyday is bank holiday for me :santa::clown_face:


I should be so lucky :joy: :joy:


Good Morning everyone.

Mild but wet here today. The laundry goblins are lurking - but I am trying to ignore them. Amazon delivery due - so I am not going out anywhere - might take down the tree and the decorations and stow them back in the loft. Will leave the cards up until Friday

Stay safe.


There’s a song in there some where :grinning:




Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: we have exchanged fog for wind but still the rain continues . The fields around are flooded and there is mud everywhere.
My days seem to consist of preparing Chloe to go out with protective boot/fleece/harness before wading through the mud then washing and drying her legs and beard boot and fleece before doing it all again.

Thank goodness the awful bank holidays are coming to an end and I might get a delivery of my parcel dispatched 2 weeks and lost by Hermes containing a support for my painful hand. The bank holiday nonsense seems never ending.

Off to do yet more washing, enjoy your day…

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Morning all, blowing a gale but dry at the moment, have a wall bracket to put up for a new tv arriving on Thursday, then it will be a case of chasing out the wall to hide the cables.Enjoy.

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Same here now .


Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: sunny, blue sky and strong wind at the moment but there are some ominous dark clouds creeping over the rooftops.

Pottering around the house with a duster is my limit at the moment so things are improving.

Enjoy your day folks…

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Morning all

Last day of holiday from work so I want to relax . Off to dads shortly then home.

I has a dreadful day yesterday with my AF but today I feel better, the episode has hopefully passed. I hate AF it’s very frightening when the episodes come.

Loki is going to get a good brushing so it looks like I’m in for a fight with him. I always win though :grin:

I’m going to design some new backgrounds for my poems, make them like more pretty .

John is making beef stew today , nice, healthy and will warm us up.

Take care all