Good Morning - Tuesday 21st Sept

Good Morning everyone,

Another dull day weather wise.

Meeting up with a friend for coffee and shopping - no doubt lunch as well but she is on a ‘Slimming World’ diet so I do not know how that will turn out or where we will go.

Have a fun day

Was up early this morning so I could go shopping before the mall got crowded (I went yesterday morning but there is a limit as to how much I can carry in one trip).

Sunny today but with a southerly wind which made made things quite chilly, I think the temperature only got up to 17 or 18’ compared to yesterday’s 25/26.

My Azaelia has recovered from its brutal pruning last year (so my son could paint the house), it is still pretty low but getting bigger and has just started its few days of looking lovely before the flowers turn brown and drop off.

With the chance of the cold front arriving this arvo I went for my walk a bit earlier than usual.

Lovely view of the sewer vent!

Anyway enjoy your day what ever the weather.



You could try the local “Sproutulike”.First course a big bowl of hot steam.Not many calories in that.

It is fouroclock in the morning there by the way :slight_smile:


Big day to day as I have a appointment with a consultant which is likely o have a profound effect on my life.
On the downside I will not be video gaming much today so zombie killing will be on hold. :grinning:


Good Luck!

Yes,that’s quite big.
I would like to add my best wishes too:)

Can you kill a zombie?

Yep I have been doing it for years.
In fact when the zombie Apocalypse comes you folks will be grateful to us avid video game players who have honed our skills and will save the world.
Of course when cats decide to take over the world you are on your own. :rofl:


Good Morning! – from Zuludog

I have now realised the changes to the forum, so this is a trial to see if I can Post on it
If I’m successful, I’ll carry on, and work out the new categories as I go

Good morning all, looks like being another nice one but too hot for me though yesterday, hope it’s not quite so fierce today. :sunglasses:

Not a lot on my agenda, just the raspberry canes to cut down and compost and whatever else turns up.

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Good morning all, its foggy and cold here.
Nothing planned for the day.
Have a nice day all.

They already have!

Good morning ST and OFC members!

Another lovely Spring day here! Weekday is usually work day :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a lovely day folks!


I’d like to meet that Heather Stillufsen and show her our rates bill.

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Urgh !!!

Couldn’t sleep last night as my mind was too active and I couldn’t switch off so today I’m like a zombie working away at my desk :lol: The sun is out though, the cows are grazing on the water meadows, the wheelie bins have been emptied and Mrs Bread is just leaving for work.

Everything has a “normality” about it now don’t you think ? I feel the pandemic is now behind us and we have moved on. I read yesterday we are the only country in the world which has had no legal COVID restrictions in place for over 2 months which is remarkable compared to where we were about 10 months ago.

Anyway, loads of meetings today and a particularly difficult day. I have my new leaf blower though so I can have a bit of fun with Charlie (our 11 year old) in the garden having the most insane game of “blow football” with ping pong balls as we did yesterday (we are a 2 leaf blower household now !)…

Anyway, I’m rambling …

Happy Tuesday !

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I have almost 2 weeks off work yippee.

My husband and I are going to take the puppy for a good walk through the park woods, the same route we did yesterday and little Loki loved it. There is a cafe in the park so we will grab a coffee and sit on the park bench to give Loki a rest before heading back.

Later im taking Dad to Specsavers for his hearing aids mending, hes very deaf and can’t cope without them and they are cutting out all the time, its distressing him so I made an appointment for him. Im going to as if he can have a spare pair, no harm in asking , they can say yes or no.

Later im going to see my friend who is worried she has cancer, I cant control what is happening unfortunately but I can give her a shoulder and a listening ear.

This evening im meeting up with some friends for tea at a pub. We are 3 friends who all worked at the same care home, we have all since left but we meet up around once a month, its always nice to catch up with each other.

So I have a very busy and goid day ahead of me .

I’ll shut up now before I bore you to death. I got carried away as usual, I get sick of seeing my own type sometimes, poor you lot haha :rofl:


Morning everyone

Hope the hospital appointment goes well Mr Fraggle…I see those zombies lining up though so hurry home …we need protection :slight_smile:

Continuing to renovate the front door today…it might have been easier getting a new door but it’s old and it goes with the house so I’m persevering .

Have a lovely day all

Morning all.

Good luck Fraggle. And LQ, sorry to hear about your friend.

Holly will go to the carer again today, and I am off out. Will meet up with a couple of ladies from the coffee group, at the garden centre cafe, to suss it out. I will have a wander about, see what is for sale. They have a wonderful Christmas area. Hoping that won’t be for awhile yet, lol.

Don’t say that to loudly - MrFraggle kills zombies!

Queenie - you couldn’t be boring if you tried!


Morning everyone! Going to try and do some work today, but the sun is shining and that’s always a distraction…other than that I’ll be arranging to collect my dragon from Wales. Daughter has just come back from there and said she managed to catch one for me, so that’ll be fun. :smiley: Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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Good morning - A nice day is forecast. Meeting our son this morning to sort a few things out for him. Allotment this afternoon. Maybe a walk/wheel with Mrs mart after that.