Good morning Tuesday 15th Feb

Good morning all, I haven’t looked out yet so no idea what it’s doing, but it doesn’t feel too cold in the house. Storms tonight though they say, so better batten down your hatches today!

No plans yet for the day but I really ought to replace a weak fence post before the gales start this evening and that will be my priority I think. It’s just something out of the freezer for lunch so that will be quick and easy.

Have a pleasantly day everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning all, have been up since 3am couldn’t sleep, have been coughing all night, I am better sitting up.

Barry you are up early, or have you not been to bed yet?

Have a nice day all.

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Warm and sunny, probably high 20s but at least the humidity is down a touch, might have to mow the lawn later with the previous rain and now sun you can see the damn stuff growing.

First things first, off for my walk in a minute, waited for the schools to finish otherwise it is chaos trying to get past.

Enjoy your day.

Good morning everybody!

Typical rainy day with imminent storms, I’m moving today as well so I am enjoying the next few hours of peace before panic ensues!

Have a great day, and I’ll see you on the other side of the hill :wave:


Good luck, Pixie, I hope all goes according to plans.

Good Morning everyone.

Very damp and gloomy here today - not heard of any storms being due though.

Out shopping and lunching with a friend - venue is weather dependent. If it stops raining - we are going across town to Morrisons, Lidl, Farm Foods and a cafe that serves the best cheesey chips on the planet. If it doesn’t stop raining, we are off to McArthur Glen Designer outlet.

Have a fun day.

Good luck from me too Pixie… :blush:

Always in bed for nine @susiejaeger but I just don’t seem to need that much sleep in recent years, so they are sometimes long nights…:unamused:

Morning all.

Good luck, Pixie.

Coffee group meet this morning, then this evening I can attend the writing group by Zoom. There is a change of venue and the host realises the location may not suit all of us.

Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :039:
I got soaking wet on my walk yesterday and it doesn’t look much better today, although its not raining at the moment the way the dark clouds are scurrying across the sky the rain doesn’t look far away. Can’t walk on an empty stomach though so it will have to be after breakfast.

A new Drone landed on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, so after reading just half the instructions I decided to give it a fly round the lounge and almost decapitated half of Mrs Foxes little porcelain figures…She was not happy! Controlling the thing is going to need some work…

Good luck with the move Pixie, hope everything goes off as planned…

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Good Morning, he says without much enthusiasm!

Weather is horrible - grey, windy, and heavy rain
I am now out of fresh food, but I still don’t feel like venturing out, not even driving to a supermarket
So I’ll use cans, packets, and the freezer - that’s why I stocked up, and it won’t hurt me for a day

Besides, the place needs a vacuum and tidy up, and I may as well do it while I’m stuck in

Hope things improve!

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Good Morning All.

Already windy and raining here, I can hear it on the windows.

Paula is here today, a large water change on the aquarium and a filter clean, then bring more boxes in to sort out later.

Have a good day all.

Morning all,

Wet and breezy here in the West Country.
I have orders to clean the outside loo from the camp commandant :+1:

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Morning all out to breakfast in a moment at a local very good eatery, I retired at Christmas, now the European head of ops wants to give a presentation I was the longest serving employee. If there’s a piccie I might post it.

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Good morning all.
Another dull, grey day and just starting to rain.
Two bad storms on their way for us all this week apparently, on Wednesday and Friday. . :worried:

Off to a hospital visit appointment today, but nothing else in particular planned.
Have a good day folks.

I thought it was due last Friday, Foxy.

Morning everyone, well it’s pretty nasty out there today, heavy rain for most of the day is forecast.

So anything I do today will be indoors!! Daughter’s dog will be here later, but then it’s granddaughter’s swimming lesson after school so I’ve got all that to deal with. I really don’t like Tuesdays!

@PixieKnuckles good luck with the move, hope it all goes well!
@susiejaeger I do hope your cough improves, so miserable when it keeps you awake at night :yawning_face:

Have a good day everyone, whatever your plans :blush:

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face:
Dull, windy and raining here.

No particular plans for today other than housework.

@PixieKnuckles good luck with your move today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy your day folks…

Yes it came last Friday Harbal and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I unpacked it…
It was about the size of a Boeing 737 and totally impractical for the purpose I wanted it for. It was a brilliant piece of kit but far too good to practice on. The bloke from Hermes came at midday to take it back, and two hours later DPD arrived with the next one. Drone’s that don’t need a smartphone to work are as rare as hens teeth and I’ve had to make some compromises.
Gave it a short flight indoors yesterday to get used to the controls, mainly take off, hover and land, but it really needs some space outside to practice, but with this wind it will probably end up in Denmark…

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Good morning everyone :smiley: a very wet day and cold, very grim.

I was up at 4am with Chloe who thought it was breakfast time and came to stand by my bed (she has canine demetia) then I couldn’t get back to sleep but could sleep now when there are things to do.

Off to prepare lunch before cleaning the bathroom .

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