Good morning Sunday 9th Jan

Good morning all, drier here at the moment but showers again for later they say but still, not freezing, so that’s a bonus… :sunglasses:

Just the usual walk first thing then after a coffee I’ll try and find a job in the garden. Rosemary wants a phormium digging out that’s got too big for it’s space,so I may tackle that if I feel energetic!

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:


Good morning everybody.

Barry I hope you find the energy for digging the phormium out.

It’s dry & bright here this morning so I think I’ll take Tony a drive to our local Country park. He used to love going there but now when i mention it he can’t remember. Maybe it will nudge his memory…

Late afternoon we’ll settle down with a film & chocolate…

Have a good day all…

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Good morning everyone :wave:

Its an odd pink sky this morning, so likely going to be a rainy day. Going to do be batch cooking, and catching up on a few things around the house…nothing very exciting, really.

Have a lovely day everybody!

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My son arrived today to drop off his dog for me to look after while he, his wife and the kids spent a few days in Sydney

Just puppy and barely trained, I will try to buy a choke chain for it tomorrow.

Oh yes, warm and overcast but no rain for the last 24hours


Morning everyone. Not quite so dark here this morning, might even see a bit of sun peeping through!

Nothing on the agenda today apart from a Sainsbury delivery, so will just follow where the day takes me.

Enjoy your Sunday folks :blush:

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@Bruce he looks adorable! But will probably run you ragged for the next few days, so good luck :wink:

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I certainly hope you won’t buy a choke chain! Has your son agreed to it?


That sounds like a good plan!

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What a cute puppy - such soulful eyes - just wants to be loved!

Good morning all. Hope everyone has a terrific day.


She is a cutie that’s for sure, took her out for a walk this arvo, she pulled a lot less by the end but still not good and easily distracted (but she is young)

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Good morning everyone.

Just back from a walk to the shops. Was surprised to find the pavements were quite frosty as it did not feel cold enough.

Brewing up a cauldron of veg soup for lunch - and enough to freeze. Then I will follow Carol’s example and settle down on the sofa with a good film and both cats!

Stay safe

Anyway, good morning.

What a lovely photo, Danny!

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Thank You. Was taken on Berry College Campus in Rome, Georgia. Beautiful Campus. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good morn all

Just back from a very short walk the first for weeks. Not because of covid but been to cold to venture out . Today a bit warmer and the sun is out so took a leasurely stroll against the route march Sue does.

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a lovely sunny day for a change but very cold.
I have done lots of washing, been out and dead headed the primroses, prepared lunch and am now going to take Chloe out.

Enjoy what is left of your day…

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A bad few days, but managed to get out today.

Morrisons Cash Point and a little shopping, unfortunately more than a few in Morrisons not wearing masks.

I have managed 845 steps today, which is over 10 times more than yesterday.

Resting for the rest of today.

Have a good day all.


Well done to you. Slowly wins the race. :+1:

Afternoon, been dry so far today, have been in the loft starting to get rid of stuff to the dump, we’ll probably move sometime in the late Summer so the emptying might as well start now.