Good Morning Sunday, 7th April

Good Morning to all who follow.

Daylight saving ending last night thank gawd, It goes on far too long, happily this morning it was light at 6am again. Had my washing on the line by 7am.

Filled up my car this morning, that is now an expensive exercise , just over 50 litres cost me nearly $100 (£50) surely it can’t stay like this? It was only $1 a litre during the pandemic.

The ground is saturated and lots of roads still closed in my area fortunately it doesn’t affect me much, I could throw a stone from my front door and hit the servo and supermarket.

Hope you all have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday. Have you got anything planned?

good morning on a very wet Sunday, Kathleen left us lots of water, the winds weren’t too bad here

its grand prix Sunday for me, not live we get it a few hours later about mid day (its from Japan)

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Morning all, the server was down. Did you notice?

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Good morning all,

Yes Dachs I certainly did notice, it ruined my first coffee of the morning! :wink:
Well, the sun is trying to break through here in West Sussex… fingers crossed :sun_with_face:
Off to Sainsbury’s at around ten this morning for supplies, taxi home and the rest of the day is my own.

The brief glimpses of sunshine has inspired me to start sorting out my outdoors stuff. I’m going to order a pan from Amazon to use on the Lixada cooker. The crusader mug is useful but not much use for a mini fry up :wink:

Have a mellow Sunday forum people :sun_with_face::+1:


What’s a Lixada cooker?

I have a butane cooker and a petrol stove I prefer the latter it works well in cold weather.

Lixada make a range of lightweight compact cookers that nest together, simply unpack and assemble. They use solid fuel, the idea is you forage around and use what’s available, wood, pinecones dried bracken etc. I do take a couple of hexamine tabs out as backup to use as firelighters if it’s damp.

I also use a Swedish Army Trangia which is practically bomb proof and runs on meths of course. But, you’re right Bruce, for sheer convenience and efficiency it’s gas! :+1:


Morning all - weather is dry this morning although very windy and I think we may get rain later.

Beast was very good again last night and left no little gifts to clear up this morning (I think she is lulling me into a false sense of security!)

My aren’t you an adventurous bunch! I much prefer my creature comforts and would never consider camping - how can it be a “holiday” when you are staying in accommodation which isn’t as good as your home!! Still, I leave you to your roughing it and I will take a good hotel with room service thank you.

Not much planned for today - well it is Sunday, a day of rest!

Take care - have a lovely day everyone


Looks like there are some genuine outdoor enthusiasts around here.


Just back from my morning walk not having done it for the last few days and can really feel it in the legs. To think I was at college the 100 yd sprint champion out of 11 colleges and in the 200 yd relay race as well. How times have changed.At least the sun is outand a bit breeze after days of rainso hopefully the weather has changed for the better.
where is everyone going for their hols? or just staying at home

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I suppose our Australian members are gearing up for their National sport, Kangaroo riding and falling off, but they get a right kick doing it. :rofl:

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Good morning to all it’s 10.25 am here and a little overcast at the moment - rain is expected this afternoon, so may just take the opportunity to have a day of pampering myself, which every girl needs from time to time right?

Have a great day everyone, however you decide to spend your Sunday.

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Just had some sad news midday today.To put you in the picture my cousin in law let us get on the housing ladder many years ago. We are not a close knit family by any means, mainly Christmas cards type of thing. Well just got a phone call saying his wife ,my cousin, had passed away. Unfortunately her sons didn’t know my sister and I even existed. So consequetly the funeral is tomorrow morning and no way can we get to be there at the time of the funeral.Also No one can get hold of my sister either to let her know.
It is a shame her sons didn’t properly check to see if they had missed any relatives and went ahead irrspectively. Just felt it worth a mention as it has upset me

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Afternoon all

Windy here but suspect thats country wide.

Been out to a Mind Body Spirit event this morning with my friend Steph. she brought a fair few bits of jewellery and odds and ends but I brought nothing. This hopefully is my now less is more/decluttering mindset working evrything I picked up I thought “do I need it, do I really really want it, will I wear/use it.” and put everything back down. Back home and doing not a lot watched my watering can go round the garden a couple of times and when it settled went out and popped it in the shed. Roast chicken lunch and all is well with the world.

Is anyone else watching the BBC series Pilgrimage? I am enjoying it one more episode to go. Also the new TV series This Town takes me right back to the early 80’s weirdly.


Good Afternoon from Foxy’s World… :+1:
A bit windy but wall to wall blue sky when I went for my walk first thing, although it was muddy through the wood.

It didn’t last long because by the time I was half way round my 5 miler the clouds had blown up from nowhere and there were spots of rain on the wind. This was taken as I left the busy main road (not too busy this morning) and turned into St Mary’s road and a threatening sky, that leads down to the lane.

A path down the side of two fields adjacent to the wood and onto the lane…

The Bridge wasn’t the golden gate bridge Bruce… :yum:
It was the Humber Bridge, and the toll is just £1.50
They don’t take cash anymore… :astonished:
But they have two lanes open, one for ‘Tagged’ vehicles that sounds similar to yours Bruce, and one for the reprobates and rank and file, the one I used where It was card only…
Dinner done. Off to watch the recorded race now (F1) with a mug of Yorkshire tea and the compulsory Penguin biscuit…


Very windy but the wee dog doesn’t mind it a bit. Then my wife went to Tesco mostly for coffee - it is half price for one day. That said, I rarely drink coffee.

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Similar sort of path - left on the trees, field on the right.


Our clocks went forward end of march

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I like the pan. Having serious thoughts now after camping, but nice pan!


got home today. it was nice to get away, also now know my elements better.


Sorry for your loss RS - it is a shame when families lose touch - I have been trying to reconnect with my cousins for a couple of years but apart from the occasional reply to emails they don’t seem interested. Hope you have managed to contact your sister