Good Morning Sunday 31st October

Happy Halloween!

to those people who celebrate that holiday.

I just wanted to see what it was like to start this thread. It’s still Saturday night here. It’s quiet here on the site. Everyone else is probably sleeping.

I’m hoping for a quiet day today. It’s been a stressful week. I don’t want any scares for Halloween.

I thought of using the correct date sequence but it might confuse people. :003:

How’s your day going?


I’m here in body but this ruddy ‘back an hour’ malarkey is yet to register with my mind

Good morning folks So, clocks set themselves back an hour and now I have to convince my mind to do the same :ok_hand::+1: Oh the joys of old age LMAO!


Good Morning all :wave:
Bad news …. I hate this fiddling with the clock too ….
My dog doesn’t understand it either and wants to go walkies .

Good news …Ive bought my favourite chocolates ready for the trick or treaters knowing full well there won’t be a knock on my door :laughing: yummy :yum:


Good morning all, I told my silly Husband last night to put the clocks back, he forgot, so we are all up 1 hr earlier, its even confused our Cat, she got up as normal but nobody else did.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone, colder here this morning and heavy rain forecast to start soon, so just about to nip out with the dogs before the forecast deluge starts. No plans for later yet other than a trip to the pet shop to get a few bits and pieces for the hounds.

Have a pleasant Sunday folks :blush:

A bit of cloud about today but warmer than yesterday and nice enough in he sun however still no rain (need it again).

went for my walk about midday, talked to my kids on the phone, one of them wanted to know if I was still planning on going to Canberra next week - as if I wasn’t dying to get out of the house now that I can travel to the regions (from tomorrow). My middle son has got a new dog/puppy so he showed me that on the video call.

Took some more cuttings to carry out my devious scheme when the council finish the footpath. I think I am going to have to steal some more bits of pigface for part of it.

Anyway have an exciting day

Good Morning everyone! Its dark, raining, and cold again! Counting down the days until Spring, I’m telling you!
My only plan today is to assemble a glass topped coffee table without smashing it …:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I still need to put the kitchen clock back an hour…it takes about a week for the new time to kick in with me, Everything else changed automatically, and I’ve already questioned the time more than once this morning!

Have a lovely Sunday everybody :wave:

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Morning all.

I hate the first day or so after a clock change. I never know when to feed the dog.

Talking of which, I suppose I’d best get ready to take her out soon. Not liking that wind I can hear though.

No specific plans for today, other than making an apple crumble, finally, and doing a roast meal (minted lamb swirls…my favourite! Need to get to the Morrisons further away and see if they have more).

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And they look like this, if you’re wondering.


Good morning everyone :slight_smile: Happy Halloween!


Janet Rob says what time are you having lunch, he will be round with his Plate, he fancies a Swirl.

How do you cook them Janet and how long for.

@susiejaeger I line a small baking tray and they just go in the oven, maybe about half hour, bit longer. Normal cooking time for pastry.

If ever you are in the Pakefield Morrisons, have a look at the butcher’s counter, or ask if they have any, or the ingredients to make them up for you.

Did you show him my pictures?

Tried looking in Iceland yesterday for their minted lamb pies, but there were none in the cabinet. They are just as nice.

Good morning from here ‘out in the rural sticks’, UK. I thought it would be good to just pop in again as I used to regularly post on here. It’s raining heavily here and has been most of the night. According to the weather report it’s going to change around midday, I wonder?

Have a good day everyone, whatever you may be doing.

Not really awake as yet, thanks to this ridiculous changing the clocks twice a year!

About the same with me LongDriver. However, that’s additional to always having sleeping problems as my body clock refuses to get back in sync. after working permanent night shifts for far too long.

In case anyone else is wondering what that is, more for the life-long learning curve I guess (whatever happened to those shortened words yesterday Bruce?):

"a succulent creeping plant with bright flowers, related to Hottentot fig.
Genera Carpobrotus and Disphyma (both formerly Mesembryanthemum), family Aizoaceae."

@Jazzi That looks very nice, I reckon it’s all round to Jazzi’s place for a Sunday roast!
:plate_with_cutlery: :grinning:

I have often wondered, does anyone actually like this changing the clocks twice every year?

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Glad you’re dropping in.

Haha. I’m so used to not understanding words around here that that flew right by me. Thanks for looking it up and sharing.

Not sure if people like the actual changing the time part but for sure, some people don’t want to get rid of DST. There are polls all the time about it. Some people say they like it because they don’t like doing something (like taking kids to school) in the dark in the winter.

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: damp, dull and dreary here, hopefully we’ll have a few sunny intervals later.

A quiet day planned, I’m not expecting any Hallowe’eners as we haven’t had any for a few years since our grandchildren grew up.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: no extra hour in bed here, Chloe doesn’t use clocks but her stomach to tell the time and she likes breakfast at 6am . The clock change also means I have to go in the shower earlier in the morning to take advantage of Economy 7 :icon_rolleyes:

It has just stop raining and the wind was SSW so the kitchen ceiling is leaking, it only leaks when the wind is in that direction .

I am going to try and clean the kitchen cupboards this morning before it gets to cold to linger in there.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning everyone… :039:
Foxy is alive and kicking…Just… :026:
It’s one of those mornings when I’m glad I’m not running anymore. Quite a strong wind blowing and accumulating piles of leaves up the drive in the pouring rain. I expected it to be lighter than usual this morning after putting the clocks back, but at almost 8:00am it was still dark.
It was cold as I left my bed at 6:30am and couldn’t understand why the heating hadn’t come on at six…I had put the clock back one hour, but when I checked, it had gone back two hours because it’s programmed to do it automatically… :017:…Derrrrrr!

Slipped on some mud yesterday while out on my walk, I thought I’d broken a rib it was so painful. I wasn’t looking forward to going to bed last night, but an Ibuprofen let me go off to sleep, as long as I laid on my right side. It doesn’t feel too bad today, so with the rain and a painful rib It is going to be a lazy day. There are a few jobs piling up, the garage door broke last week and came down on Mrs Fox, she seems to be okay now though. I managed to find some spares on the internet for a tenner (for the garage door, not Mrs Fox I hasten to add) so when I’m feeling better I’ll have a go at fixing it. The coil spring on the top is frightening with the amount of energy stored up in it…It’ll take somebody’s head off if it ever gets loose… :flushed:

Have a good day everyone, and take care in the wet…

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Rather inclement this morning…but we walked the dogs. Ozzie, the neighbour’s dog, was not a happy boy and went back home. Max has his Halloween bandanna “Ghost Hunter Max” for the guisers (AK Trick or Treaters) but the weather may stay them indoors in droves…

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Good morning everyone!

It’s a lovely hot sunny day here! A swim in the pool is on the cards then lunch!

We had our neighbourhood trick or treat last night. It was fun!

I’m two hours ahead of you Northerners now :101:

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@OldGreyFox hope you feel better soon.

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