Good morning Saturday November 27th

Good morning everybody.

Insomnia strikes again - hence my early posting!

I heard from a friend in the North East that it was snowing last night. She may well wake up to a winter wonderland this morning!!

Tony & I are going for our flu jabs this morning. I’m really beginning to hate having needles stuck in me. You just don’t know what else these alien substances are going to set off in your body do you?

One good thing - I sprang out of bed quite lively. Dare I hope the trapped nerve has gone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have a good day everybody…


Good Morning Carol, and everyone! Windy night last night, and picking up again now. I hope everyone hasn’t suffered too much damage.

Another day for the house I think, no plans yet, but we shall see.

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

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Good morning all, its very cold.

Carol, don’t have the Flu Jab, i’m not. I think both the COVID & Flu Jab have got foreign bodies that they are putting into your body, they say its protects you, for how long?

Have a nice day all.

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Morning folks and yes, a blowy old night but seems to have eased now, but raining and sleeting at the moment which is forecast to continue until this afternoon.

I have to go over to eldest daughter’s place this morning to fix a small plumbing job for her, but then it’s probably a feet up and film afternoon.

Good to hear that you’re feeling better today Carol, long may it continue.

Sorry Susie but I disagree about the flu jabs, both they and the Covid jab are our main protection and work fine for millions of us. Too many scare stories out there with absolutely no basis in fact… :flushed:

Have a good day everyone :blush:


Good morning everyone

So windy right now I’ve not been outside yet but I hope there is no damage…I feel so sorry for the sheep in the field behind me…hope they are ok :frowning:

Pals coming round later thats if they don’t cancel due to the weather I wouldnt blame them if they did

I agree about vaccines Barry especially because of how poorly my daughter has been…she had both jabs but still ended up in ICU…the docs told her she was lucky and had she not had the jabs because of her extreme reaction to Covid she would certainly have died.

Gosh makes me cry typing that…have a good day everyone



I just looked through the window.

We have thick snow all over the roof tops & garden!!


Morning all.

Oh summer, so glad she wasn’t too bad. What a thought, eh? If these things give us the protection, then I will take them. Many members of my family have had the virus. Nephew, too busy to have his second jab, was ill for several weeks, but as he is s/e had to return to work.

I have had flu twice in my life, and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Once was over the Christmas period back many years ago. Dad was working that day for BT, I got up for half an hour to open presents, was back in bed, leaving Mum alone till Dad finished his shift. Totally wipes you out.

The second occasion I was working for the Bank and began to feel quite ill in the morning, and was getting worse and worse, so went into my manager and told him I was going home. By that afternoon I was lying on a mattress on the floor, crying with the pain in my legs and the aches. And yes, was ill for several weeks.

Whenever work colleagues told me, at work, they had the flu, I always retorted ‘you wouldn’t be here telling me that, if you did!’

Please do not listen to conspiracy theories, but protect yourselves adequately.

Sorry, sermon over.

Best get ready for the dog walk. Laters.


Wow! Carol. Hope the pavements and roads are ok.

No snow where I am in Yorkshire but really cold

Heavy snow here now, white over… :flushed:

It was very windy here last night. Lots of noise. It’s been raining as well but no snow. My son may visit me today on his way past after visiting his girlfriend’s step-brother.
I will be checking on my neighbour again since she came out of hospital as her daughter is away till Sunday.

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Good morning all. I wish I could say there is no damage because I didn’t get to sleep till 2.30 owing to a huge sycamore branch being blown off the tree & landing on my overhead power line … which is now at the height of about five feet. :fearful: It crosses the lane , so I hope no large vehicles drive past, as it is still live.
The electricity people promised to send tree surgeons in October, but nobody has been & I am still waiting for somebody to get back to me about possible dangers.
I also told the fire brigade, but nobody was available to help, so still waiting for them.
All I know is that nobody must go closer than 5 metres to this power cable, so I hope the postman knows that too, as I don’t know when he may arrive…

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Morning all, well living in the south west with a generally mild climate, we got off pretty lightly I think. Lots of wind, and a hailstorm which temporarily covered all the cars outside, and it’s pretty windy this morning, but nothing like some other areas have had.

@carol , so pleased your trapped nerve seems to have freed itself at last. Be very careful if you go out in the snow today - you really don’t want a fall and be back where you started :anguished:.

@Barry another one here in agreement about vaccines. It’s truly frightening how many people are refusing them, often people with no medical or scientific background who think they know better than the experts.

Have a good Saturday folks - but please take care all of you who have snow and ice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good Morning All.

No snow here, just heavy sleet in the early hours.

The reag garden has been trashed by the high winds, debris from neighbours has torn my polytunnel and the wind did the rest.

The fleece protection has been torn away and I have part of another neighbours gazebo sail wrapped around my trellis.

It is still very windy.

Have a good day all.

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Cold and dry and windy, been out for a dry walk with Alfie again.

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a wild night here glad I tied things down .
My son who lives 5 miles away has lost 6 fence panels and has no electricity. He and my DIL were due to go away his weekend Christmas shopping leaving my DILs mother and sister in charge of the children.
It is snowing here but not settling.
Life is one big drama these days …

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Good Morning from a snowy Birmingham. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hope all is good with you all, I have opticians this afternoon at 2pm so hoping for rain and a clear of snow, could be as its gone a fair bit of sleet now. However I am going been cancelled twice previously with lockdown and illness in the practice not covid related not been since Feb 2019.

@carol Hope its a pain free day.

@Alain That’s lovely of you. Hope you find everything tickitiboo

@Twink55 Wow stay in stay safe hope its being sorted as I write this.

@Caricature Well done for a dry walk…

@Meg Bet you are pleased you popped out yesterday and have enough in. Drama is simply a way of reminding yourself you are alive and kicking.

Have a good day all

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: brrr what a cold morning. It’s still very windy and the outdoor thermometer is registering -5°C and sleet forecast for later.

No damage here as far as I can see, just a thick carpet of fallen leaves.

Not venturing out anywhere, the cold weather plays havoc with my back :slightly_frowning_face:

Stay safe everyone.

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Good morning everyone.

Tis cold here and after overnight gales whipping long the channel coast, there is plenty of small type tree debris across roads, but nothing large to stop traffic.
We’ve already been out to visit our favourite pie-n-pastry baker, Turners, for our regular standing order and of course not forgetting the Saturday papers Turner’s Pies - Award Winning Pies from West Sussex (


Good morning everyone.

Needed a hard hat for my earky walk - it is very cold and storm Arwen is still throwing things around out there.

I have to go out to the village post office - but then I am battening down the hatches!

Stay safe.

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