Good Morning Saturday 6th July 2024

Good morning all on this cool winters day. Never mind its the weekend so I am sure all you workers are having a nice day off. Here is is also the start of the winter school holidays so the shopping mall will be full of kids for the next couple of weeks, not that they are a problem.

I was out early getting milk when I found that Woollies had lamb hearts so I bought a pack, who doesn’t love heart?. Am going to stuff them and try cooking them in my Air Fryer, probably tomorrow.

Yum! Talk about mouth watering deliciousness :wink:

Yesterday I defrosted my freezer, big tick. √ (I have an old freezer on my front verandah which I fire up for such a purpose.)

Apart from that it’s just my usual weekend tidying jobs that I do very badly.

Anyway enjoy your weekend


Mornin’ Brucie Babe…

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Leo Sayer lives near me, we’re about the same age.


Cool Man…

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I was unlucky had Gary Glitter as my Neighbour!
on the plus side had Jeff Beck when I moved to Beddington having been captured by a Male Species


got the Tour de France on here and munching on buttered Toast


Bruce I would have thought kangaroo and wallaby meat would have been cheaper, you would get a kick out of eating either


That might be so but roo meat is always available in the supermarket, hearts are not, they usually end up as dog food.

Not in the mood for roo or lambs hearts. just coffee and porridge.
BTW Jimmy Page is my neighbour The Tower House - Wikipedia

Having a venesection this morning, wish me luck. Nah, no luck required, I’ve had it a million times before.



Is that just a blood test for pathology analysis? Just curious, had to look the word up.


Morning all – heavy rain overnight, more rain this morning and thunder forecast for later – don’t you just love UK in summer!

When I was growing up offal was cheap and a mainstay as we didn’t have a lot of money – now can’t bear to look at it never mind eat it! :face_vomiting: However, each to their own Bruce, enjoy

Hope all goes well d00d – my previous doctor used to do so many blood tests I could swear they had a vampire living in the basement :vampire:

The good news is that my friendly motor mechanic checked my car – apparently a sensor has gone and he is ordering a new part but he has assured me I can continue to drive without causing any damage

When he called in to look at the car his wife came with him, armed with flowers and wine as a thank you for looking after the beast! Keep telling them it isn’t necessary as I love the little monster!

Take care - have a great day everyone


Good morning everyone on this miserably wet Saturday. My late mother in law used to cook stuffed hearts many years ago, I think I liked them but haven’t had any since - perhaps I should try them again at some point to see whether I really did like them or was just being polite. Hope you enjoy yours Bruce.
Glad your mechanic was able to put your mind at rest Sheila - it sounds as if he will soon sort it out for you.
Good luck with your procedure dood hope it goes well.
I don’t have much to report today, I have nothing planned apart from walking the dog followed by housework, which I dislike with a vengeance (housework that is, not the dog!).
Happy Saturday!


Are they even healthy for dogs though…I mean eat your heart out!

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sounds simple but maybe uncomfortable…I am due a biopsy and that is painfully a pain…good wishes to yer Doodee


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :shopping_cart:
Rest day today just an early morning visit to Tesco for the fresh stuff, however, going to a garden centre for lunch and there is a fruit and veg stall that sells locally sourced produce and it tastes much better than the Tesco stuff…My apples from Tesco came from Chile… :open_mouth:
Interesting to read about your motor Sheila, why do they have to bugger everything up by adding a computer? My smart telly (which is not smart and not connected to the internet) has a life of it’s own instead of just receiving instructions from me… :009: Really annoying!
Lamb Hearts? Yuk… :078: If that was all that was on the menu I would go veggie…
Good luck with your vivisection? d00d… :+1:
Nice and sunny here at the moment but thunder and lightning forecast for later. Paul Hudson (our local BBC weather man) said that due to global warming this summer would be exceptionally hot…I’m still waiting to book my holidays…Paul! Paul! ???
Seeing as we are all mature on the forum (or should be) and we’ve lived through a few winters and summers, apart from the odd hot summer and extreme winters can anyone actually say that they have seen any difference to the weather?
Sat here in my underwear after my shower, so it’s time to put some clothes on ready to go out for some lunch…Walkers Garden Centre take a very dim view of diners turning up inadequately dressed… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Good morning/afternoon (we’re one hour ahead), on a beautiful warm, sunny day, bright blue sky, 30C, no humidity, so it’s bearable.

Just been to our market in town to get some Summery stuff, it’s amazing how the quality of clothes in market stalls is often higher than it is in our local chain stores. You get better goods at a cheaper price :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry for those of you facing a wet day, sending you sunshine :sun_with_face:


Thanks Rose, I’ve received the sunshine you sent and it’s still nice here with fluffy white clouds sailing across a beautiful blue sky. Not too cold either…Still shorts weather… :briefs:
(have you seen my shorts)
Weather man seems to have got it wrong again…He just has one job to do… :009:


Back home, all done, an armful of blood donated (and the poured down the drain). I have too much of the stuff, too much haematocrit, too many blood cells and platelets. I take a daily capsule to deal with it but also need the occasional venesection.

Foul weather, turned my brolly inside out, think I’ll watch some A Place in the Sun or something to right the balance.

G’day all.


Glad to hear you received the sunshine, our meteorologists always get it wrong, too. Only when the weather is stable like now, they get it right, well we can predict on our own, don’t need them :smiley:

Reminds me of Michael Fish way back in the 80s when in front of millions of spectators declared that there was no chance of a hurricane, that was the evening before the 1987 Great Storm, we had it really bad in London, I don’t remember how other areas of England were affected.