Good morning Saturday 23rd April

Good morning all, that cold north easterly still blowing outside but another bright day forecast I think, although the garden could certainly use some rain…

Nothing much planned for the day, just the usual walks and pottering around with maybe a walk around the Asda later to look for some new bedding.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Good morning Barry and all who follow

A bright sunny Yorkshire this morning…hope it stays that way

I had a new rose arch delivered yesterday so lots of preparation today for its installation…I bought two roses to climb up so I want to get them in ASAP so I might have a display this season …exciting stuff :slight_smile:

Have a good day everyone

Good Morning everyone.

Had lots of plans - but - woke up feeling vaguely unwell - a touch of the rumbly tums for some reason. Good excuse to sit quietly in the craft room and play with glue and glitter for the day!

Take care

Sorry you are not well today tabs …actually I feel the same today…maybe we caught something going around in our part of Yorkshire…hope we feel better later.

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Morning folks.

Not poked my head outside yet, but my house is very cold.


Good Morning All.

ST and Summer, I hope you get better soon…

A much better start to the day for me after a good nights sleep.

I am following the physios instructions and having a 10 min rest after doing things for 5 minutes and it is working.

Have a good day all.

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Good morning all.
Much cooler here today, with showers and strong winds forecast for later.

Not much going on, just the usual chores and garden jobs.
Enjoy your day folks.

Poor you Silver T. Get better soon!
It was a bit cooler this morning at 7C. Walked the dogs and chatted to the usual suspects. Now waiting for the groceries to be delivered.

Morning all, its very cold and windy outside but sunny.
Have been into Town this morning for a few hours, back home now resting.
Have a good day all.

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Good morning everyone :grinning:

A belated Happy St George’s Day to you all!

Mornin’ :smiley:

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