Hi, newbie here

Hi everyone, I am new here. feeling so fresh and excited to be the part of this community:)

Hello and welcome. :smiley::smiley:

welcome to this crazy place

Hi Clover, welcome to our forum, we are a friendly crowd on here, I am the only SANE one on here, the others are all a bit crazy.

Hello Clover24, welcome to the forum


Hi Clover, welcome to OFC, hope to see you around :039:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

A big “Hello”, clover.

Welcome to the madhouse!

Welcome to the forum Clover…
What particular branch of engineering are you part of?

Hello @clover24 :grinning: a warm welcome to Over50sChat……

Welcome to the forum!

Great to see you posting!

Hope to see you on other parts of the forum. :039:


Hello Clover24, ice to meet you, do please pull up a chair and make yourself comfy, (but I would avoid the one with the paisley throw as someone had an accident on it.

Welcome to our group of crazies, Clover.

It’s a delightful place to be, lots of lazy time here.

:wave Hello and welcome Clover.

No you’re not, I am, so there :crazy_face:

Oh no you’re not!

9 May

:wave Hello and welcome Clover.


I am the only SANE one on here

No you’re not, I am, so there :crazy_face:

I’m a newbie too and already feel at home. :innocent:

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And we are lucky to have you aboard…


Hi @clover24 - Welcome to the forum - hope you soon settle in and have fun.

Welcome. It looks like I am born again newby. Been away for 6 months. I got too involved with another chat platform and feel it is the time to return to the fold…