Good morning Saturday 18th March 2023

Morning all!

I’m hoping for some rain or overcast skies so my neighbor doesn’t play music in the yard. It was overcast earlier, so maybe.

Plans for today include talking to my favorite person on the phone and catching up on sleep

Have a good day everyone.

Can I ask,do you suffer from insomnia?

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Answered here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bore da…it’s Super Saturday :rugby_football:

Good morning all, brilliant sunshine here.

Off out this morning for my Saturday stroll around the shops and spend some money.

Have a nice day all.

A bad night.
Still waiting for the letter about Attendance Allowance.
They are useless, decision made a week ago but nothing can happen without the decision letter.
Shiv and his wife are here this afternoon with loads to do

Have a good day all.

Morning all.

After breakfast, eating now, will finish unpacking, shower, then decide what to do.

Good Morning everyone, just dull and cloudy here

I’ve found a charity that want books so I’m going to fill up some carrier bags today

Have fun all who come in next xx