Good Morning Saturday 11th September

Good Morning everyone.

Going to be cloudy - but cool - here today.

Nothing definite planned - going to have a serendipity day!

Stay safe.

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And good morning to you too Tabby at this ungodly hour…

Good morning everyone, not too sure of the weather yet but hopefully will be a warm and settled sort of day. :sunglasses:

We are in Dorset for a few days, but sleep usually evades me for the first couple of nights away from home so here I am in the middle of the night writing tripe, but hey, it’s only the same sort of tripe as I write any other time… :drooling_face:

No idea what we are doing today yet but whatever we do it will make a change from home.

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

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Still hoping for Martin Shaw to call round ?


Sunny and warm, up to 28’ today. Had a lovely walk this arvo in the sun, tomorrow is looking like a repeat of today but Monday is forecast to be 10’ cooler - that’s spring for you.

Have a good one

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Good Morning everyone

So funny…I thought I would start a good morning thread as I didn’t see this was already started so after managing to do it all I tried to post it and it said that title is already taken…blinking heck! :slight_smile:

Out to pals for coffee later then its family.

Have a good few days break Barry…I don’t think I’ve ever been to Dorset…hope Martin Shaw made it Tabs

Have a good day everyone



Good Morning all.

Just up, having a coffee.

My readings are not that good this morning, so will be altering my medicines this morning.

My tropical fish are funny, I have not fed them yet, so they are all bunched up at my end of the tank wanting food.

Have a good day all.

Good morning all, very dull here this morning.
Nothing planned for the day.
Had a lovely Indian Meal yesturday at a Restaurant.
Have a nice day all.
Swimmers hurry up and feed your Fish!

Stop tantalizing me, Smiffy, I need a cold shower now!

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LOL!! Would I be in here if he had, Summer?

good morning, so dark when i get up now, at least its dry. Need to give the containers a good watering, away for the week tomorrow


Erm, if anyone deserved a visit from Mr Shaw, it would have been the birthday gal. No?

Hopefully taking a bus out somewhere today, last dog free day.

Good morning everyone, blimey talk about one extreme to the other - so yesterday there was no good morning thread, and today it appears just half an hour after midnight!

It’s a nice sunny day, I’ve got the washing on, the builders have gone, and I can actually relax in my own home today! Well, that is, after we’ve finished the inevitable post-builders clean up!

Have a good day all :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone quite a bright start to the day.

Another night on sofa next to Chloe another day nearer our particular normality.
I went to the vet yesterday to have Chloe’s dressing on her foot replaced and I was not pleased when the nurse whisked her away, I wanted to see how the wound was healing. When asked how it was the nurse just said ‘It will take some time’.

I was not happy to find the vets waiting room full of people who were not wearing masks in spite of the notices to the contrary and I couldn’t wait outside in the torrential shower that was right overhead at the time. I have to go back on Monday and every 3 days till the stitches are removed. The eyelid is looking good that doesn’t have a dressing.

I have my flu vaccination this morning I don’t like leaving Chloe but won’t be gone long then if is is fine I might do some dead heading.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a bit showery here this morning but still very mild.

I’m taking a my granddaughters’s birthday cake to her house this morning, won’t see our daughter as she is not feeling too good at the moment. Will chat with SIL on their drive as no-one can go indoors while she is going through treatment because of the risk of anyone spreading an infection. I do miss not being able to give her a hug :slightly_frowning_face:

@Meg … I’m surprised people were allowed to sit in the waiting room without a mask :open_mouth:
I hope Chloe’s foot heals soon and you will be able to get back to your routine.

Enjoy your day folks…

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Good morning all!

It’s the most brilliant sunny day here!

Erm….who is Martin Shaw :thinking:

@Meg What’s that Meg, waiting room? Our vet still has us waiting in the car park with no- one allowed in the surgery, which is awful too when they whip your beloved dog away for treatment, I hate it… :rage:

Anyway, some good news of a sort about Chloe, here’s hoping her progress continues apace. :blush:

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No sorry, I think its me who needs Martin Shaw, he can Massage all my Pains away.

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Good Morning everyone. Flu jab this afternoon, hope I get a sticker :joy:

Meg, I hate it when they take the dog away too. I would want to see how it’s healing, too. Poor Chloe.
Now you know what happens, perhaps next time you could be prepared and say you would like to be present?

I am also amazed at all the people waiting without masks, that seems very lax.
Where’s the sense in not changing a dressing in front of you, yet allowing people in with no protective mask!

At my vets only 3 people at a time are allowed into the dog waiting area, and we are not allowed through the door even without a mask.
They had to adjust their appointments so not many people arrive together. If more than 3 do arrive, they have to wait outside or in their car, until it is their turn to go in.

Hope you got on alright with your flu jab, and that Chloe’s toe is soon better.

I concede your need is greater than mine right now - but - I want him back - in good working order!