Good morning Friday 5th November

Good morning all, the first real frost of the autumn for us here, but looks like being a bright day nonetheless… :sunglasses:

Off to get my booster jab first thing but no plans for after that, just see how I feel I guess and what, if anything, crops up.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

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Drove back from Canberra in the pouring rain.

Have a better one

Good morning everybody.

This morning Ady & Paula are coming round to do us a few jobs we can’t manage. I’ve got some nice fresh cream cakes for our morning elevense’s, though Paula’s on a diet - Ady will probably have two!!

This afternoon we’re going to see daughter Karen before she & hubby fly off to Tenerife.

Wish I was going on a plane somewhere nice. :pensive:

Have a good day all…

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A dull. grey Morning here.

I will be trying out the new multi cooker today.

First day of my new way of life.

Have a good day all.

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Good morning all, it’s dry but a little cloudy and overcast here, and very chilly, brrr. Will have to pop to the supermarket today to get a few supplies in for our daughter and granddaughter, who will be here for two or three days - daughter is going in for day surgery on Sunday, so will be staying over on Saturday night as I have to get up and get her to the hospital for 7.30am :flushed:. And she’ll be staying here for at least one night afterwards, maybe more depending on her recovery. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the early morning on Sunday, nor the next day or two getting up to take granddaughter to school, haha! But so pleased she’s got the date for her surgery, which, if successful, will make such a difference to her life.

Mr B’s car is going in for its MOT this afternoon, so I’ll have to follow him to the garage and bring him back. He had forgotten all about it, and discovered on Monday that it had run out at the end of September, oops!

Have a good day everyone :smiley:

Good morning everyone! Fireworks being let off last night meant for a broken nights sleep. I hope it rains tonight :frowning: No plans for today, staying at home mostly. Allegedly 100,000 young folk are heading to Glasgow for a protest march…that should be interesting :thinking: Have a lovely day everybody!

Slight chill in the air but not to bad here in the Weald. Standing by for the bangs and whistles tonight, let’s hope everyone has a safe evening and it doesn’t rattle on to long. Have a good day all. :wink:

Good morning everybody! Enjoy your day :slight_smile:


Good morning all.
Quite a thick frost today, but at least its blue sky and sunshine now, so it’ll soon melt away.
I am just glad I don’t have to get up and scrape my windscreen and drive to work any more.

Today it’s phone calls, paperwork, housework and a 4 rooted cuttings to pot up, plus anything else that crops up along the way.

Morning all.

Bathsheba, I wish your D well with her upcoming surgery. Hope she makes a good recovery.

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An Irishman moved into a small village and as he didn’t know anyone he spent most evenings in the local pub. Oddly enough he always ordered 3 pints of beer and only drank one, After several evenings word had got around the village about this. So after a week or so the barman said “why don’t you order a pint at a time ?”
Well said the Irishman I order 3 pints at the same time as my brothers order theirs and one is on board ship and the other in Egypt ,so we all order three pints each so we remember each other.

This went on for several weeks then one day he only ordered 2 pints
Word got around the village and fearing the worst they started leave flower and cards in rememberance.
Few days later the barman decider to pluck up courage and asked what had happened as he was only ordering 2 pints thinking like everyone else one of the brothers had died.

No said the Irishman both brothers are still alive I have just given up drinking beer

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @realspeed

When Sue and I got our first small terraced house there was not that much to do around the house. So most hot days were spent sitting outside in the small garden. One evening it was so warm I just sat there watching the sun slowly sink below th horizon. As it got darker the moon slowly started to rise into the heaven and all the stars started to show and twinkle making the night sky look as if it was full of diamonds. So there I sat in awe at this amazing sight and I pondered how I could fit a roof onto this outside loo

the story of the gnu famiily. There was daddy Gnu- Mummy GnU and baby Gnu , as they had no food left in the house daddy Gnu said he would go out ad get some. After several hours he never returned so mummy Gnu wemt out to look for him. She never returned so baby Gnu eventually died as he had not eaten for several days
That is the end of the Gnu’s now for the weather forecast

Perhaps you would be so kind as to start your own comedy thread with your jokes in the future, instead of taking over the good morning thread with your nonsense ? :thinking:


Good morning to you Barry and all who followed and may yet follow. :039:

It’s a cold one here this morning, as it was the last couple of days. The sun is shining so it may warm up a little as the day progresses.

Nothing much to do today, it was a busy day yesterday going into the nearest town for the first time in two years, exactly to the day and since well before the lockdown began.

Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you might be doing.

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: it’s a bright sunny morning with a nip in the air here.

Washing is out on the line, hoping it will dry enough for me to iron later.

I bought a double petal Amaryllis bulb from M & S on Monday, I think I’ll give it a drop of water today and hopefully it will flower by Christmas. :crossed_fingers:

Stay safe of any fireworks tonight folks!

Good morning everyone :grinning: a busy morning too.
Waitrose came with the order which I put away then I made 36 mince pies for the children which seemed to take ages.

Lunch now then a walk with Chloe :slightly_smiling_face:

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