George Galloway

Too right George…


Now, the other day, George Galloway was on GB News with a silly hat on.
The presenter, asked him if, Russia would invade Ukraine. He said, no they wouldn’t.
His words uplifted me and reassured me… then a few days later Russia invaded Ukraine.
That’s the last time l listen to George Galloway! He knows nowt!

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I don’t trust ranters, even when I agree with what they are saying. :018:

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What can you expect from a man who dresses like a cat and drinks from a saucer ?

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…and has an embarrassing purrrr…

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Doesn’t Galloway work at RT as a correspondent?

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Yes I know George is a knob, but what about his statement?

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It sounds like something one or two members here might say. It’s just a way of looking at things; some might see it the same as him; some might see it differently. I wouldn’t say it deserves any more attention than it would if your next door neighbour had said it, rather than Galloway.

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Foxy, Isn’t what ‘Gorgeous George’ said, something we knew anyway?

I just thought it was very well put Harbal (it certainly made me titter) I don’t think my neighbour would have phrased it so well. We seem to be obsessed with who said it these days, instead of what was said. It’s like looking through a window and only seeing the glass and not the view outside.
I also think he is quite correct in his observation. We are a one party state in the UK, but they give us a choice to give the illusion of a democracy. I fear it will always be so, unless the people who don’t vote (like you Harbal) go out and vote for someone more worthy of leading this country, otherwise, by not voting, you are allowing all the big party followers to sweep up at the elections.

It is Arty, but I’ve never heard it explained like that before. I thought some members might be amused.

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Not always. It isn’t unusual to see a headline quoting some outrageous statement like, “spokesperson for gender equality says all three year olds should be offered gender reassignment”. And people get worked up about it, and go onto forums screaming and shouting about what the world is coming to. But then you actually take the trouble to look who said this preposterous thing, only to find it was a nobody with absolutely no influence.

Well I would need to hear your justification for making that assertion before I could comment on it.

So don’t you think the people who do already vote have any responsibility to vote for worthy people?

But if I did vote, I might vote for one of the “big parties”. Besides, wouldn’t it be irresponsible of me to vote when I don’t feel well informed enough to make a proper choice.

He’s a politician or was his lips move, you know he’s lying.

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I don’t like peeps who make a career out of being deliberately rude and agressive, which george does.

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If he does then he’s out of work at the moment because RT is off air on Sky, Freesat and Freeview.

They wouldn’t want people to hear what’s really going on would they. It was the same with covid. You only get to hear what they want you to hear, and we think we live in a free country.

What makes you think that anything on RT is true ?
The truth about covid which you stubbornly refuse to believe that it does kill people .
If you don’t think you live in a free country go to Russia there they will tell you quite clearly what to think .

PM or Labour party may now be keen on changing the voting system.

I don’t see why the Rochdale by-election should be regarded as a barometer for the General Election - the situation there was quite unique.
Nobody could have Voted Labour in Rochdale because there was no candidate standing for the Labour Party in the end.


I’m not keen on George Galloway but he’s certainly got Sunak and Starmer rattled, and that IMO, is not a bad thing.