Frightening nightmare

Last night I had a horrid nightmare that is still bothering me this morning. Has anybody else experienced fear of a dream & if so how long does it continue?

The nightmare was my cats & I were in a house ( not mine) and there were yellow insects ( about 6 inches long) that were trying to harm us.
I would stamp on them or hit them with something, but the parts of it that I crushed started to to grow back again. I was trying to save my cats & myself, then I heard my asthmatic cat crying for his breakfast at 5.10, so woke up.
I am normally very kind to insects & just put them out if they are a nuisance

I always think dreams are can be based on events in the day & yesterday I found 2 houseflies dead on my windowsill…but if that is what caused it why was I so scared? :icon_confused:


A part content keep reoccurring. Wherever I am in a dream, the same event always takes place. Somehow I’m on deck of a bucking ship and all of a sudden a taught steel hawser close to me snaps explosively and the splayed ends come at me …and that’s when I always wake up.

I don’t remember dreams but I know if I have been dreaming, especially nightmares. I can wake up in a cold sweat shaking like a jelly in a high wind, scared silly but I don’t know why. It can take ages for me to calm down, I’m just thankful it doesn’t happen very often.

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When my cat woke me & he was fine I started to feel better but I saw a piece of tissue at the corner of my bed , when I got up to feed the cat & I just couldn’t pick it up without the long handle tongs that I use when I can’t reach something easily.
I have strange dreams but rarely nightmares, so this one really scared me… yet I am rarely scared of insects!
It is good to know that others don’t just wake up and think " what a horrid dream" ! :smiley:

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That must be awful ! Are you alarmed when you wake or have you got used to it now?

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It’s been so long now, I’m used to the sudden awakening. It’s still recurrent though and in whatever situation before the ship occurs, I always end up on deck of the steel ship. I can say exactly, but I’d guess about once a month I’m back on deck.

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After my thyroid ops and on medication, my nightmare every night was of a Chinese fighter guy, in all the traditional dress sitting on my chest trying to strangle the living daylights out of me. I always woke with my own hands around my neck :open_mouth: Obviously something subconscious going on there…I often wonder if I woke up during the ops but wasn’t aware of it at the time.


I sometimes dream there’s a plane flying very low towards my house, I am watching it through the window, frozen to the spot. Just before it hits the house I wake up shaking.

Many years ago OH & I saw the Trident plane crash on the outskirts of Staines, we were on our way home from his parents house. Somehow the pilot managed to land that one in fields, missing houses, but I think most, if not all on board, died, I remember vividly the tail fin of the plane sticking up in the air separated from the plane.
I think my dream relates to that experience.


That must have really scared you, to still be in your mind, hope you are starting to feel calmer

I have always had very vivid, technicolour dreams and nightmares and sometimes when I wake it can take me a good few minutes to realise it wasn’t real.

I always think they are my mind trying to tell me something and try to work it out

I’m your case I was wondering if you have health worried for your cats or yourselves?

Maybe something niggling you could get checked out?

It might explain the tissue thing to, which is weird as it wasn’t in your dream unless it’s because it was on the floor and so were the insects?

Perhaps the insects represent other worries you can’t get rid of or people you think are against you?

Sometimes the feelings in my dreams can last two or three days before they wear off, but there are some dreams that I never forget, even if I’m not scared or sad about them any more. I can still remember dreams I had as a child.

Remember my friend in hospital, nasty electric burn to his hand… They stiched his hand into his chest so flesh would grow back…… well something like that

He was/is a powerful guy and his arm/hand was well strapped in

We visited him the night after he caused mayhem on the ward, I asked him what happened.

He explained he had a dream, his was walking through a park swinging a stick in his hand. When a big Dog grab the end of the stick, he pulled but the dog wouldn’t let go… so he pulled swinging from side to side as hard as could.

And that’s when he woke up having pulled his hand out of his chest, blood everywhere nurses rushing back and for.

I don’t recall having dreams or nightmares, probably too busy sleeping if the truth was known! However, I do recall from when I was a youngster waking one morning, just as it was getting light, to find the family pet, a ginger cat, sitting on my chest looking right into my face! That frightened the living daylights out of me! Probably the closest I have ever come to a nightmare, but a waking one at that.
:smiley_cat: :upside_down_face: :grinning:

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Gosh, that takes me back. I was caught up the traffic made up mainly from the sight-seeing ghouls without a thought for anyone else.

You must have lived in the same area then, then? We were going back from Staines to Slough where we lived.We got to the roundabout, saw the plane & I freaked out, Son was 5 & Daughter a one year old. Probably why I can’t get on a plane now, thinking about it. We moved here the following year.

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Thank you for all your interesting replies. A lot of the info you gave me does sound like dreams are related to events in our lives.
Please feel free to post more as you seem to have cured my worries from last night. :+1:

You could be right as the cat that woke me has asthma & needs 24

Perhaps your mum sent the cat up to get you out of bed! from last night. :+1:

You could be right as the cat that woke me has asthma & needs 24 hour care, in case he needs his inhaler, so I am a very light sleeper. Also, last night the stray cat I have been feeding and keeping warm went out and I heard fireworks, but he is back safe & sound now…

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I was working at RAF West Drayton + the adjoining L.A.T.C.C and became snarled up in the traffic which became worse the more I tried different routes taking me well away from my preferred roads. I was over an hour late reaching the Heathrow Control Tower.

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A dream of being inside a house, any house is a journey into your own subconscious. This was a house you did not recognise so it was a part of your subconscious you don’t venture into even in dreams. The fear means that it is a part of you where your deepest fears sit. The dream would indicate you have a deep seated fear of being out of control and a current life event may have triggered your dream journey to this place. Perhaps you are not even aware of the life event causing anxiety but your psyche is trying to cope with it at night.

The other reason for such dreams is a physical condition. Metabolism, medication, indigestion, blood pressure etc.

the main thing is that unless it has a physical cause, once you recognise what the dream symbolises and acknowledge that in real life, the dream should not recur. I used to have a vivid recurring dream that I had accidentally killed someone and had hidden the body, it was accompanied by incredible guilt and anxiety that I would be found out. It was actually about blocking off a part of my own psyche & emotions following a trauma. The guilt was my own towards myself, for keeping it from myself. Once I recognised this I have never had the same dream again.

I once saw an occupational psychologist during a stressful period at work and he helped me recognise the power of visualisation therapy in healing the soul. Dreams are just symbols of the component parts of our day to day life translated into images and metaphors.

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That’s a possibility I guess although she couldn’t have “sent the cat up” as we lived in a single storey building, one of those ‘prefabs’ erected just after WWII, also I doubt she would have done that. That was many decades ago now, I can just about recall it happening and that is all. It’s strange what we do remember isn’t it, something from all those years’ ago and yet sometimes an event from the last month is not easy to recall.
:thinking: :grinning:

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I have recurring dreams (though not lately) in which my late parents either make a brief appearance, or leave, and don’t come back. I am struggling to understand if maybe I can’t let them go? Or because of the way they both left. Dad had passed away in the hospital before we could all get there (July 2005), and mum, with her SAH on the ship, and later having life support switched off here in the UK (October 2012).

Not a nightmare, but not pleasant either, because in the dream I am always looking for them.


I am sure many of us who were not present when our parents passed away can understand your thoughts. Wouldn’t we all want to be there to say our last goodbye.
They will know you loved them so maybe they were trying to say Goodbye in your dreams!


I had a strange dream last night about me negotiating the price of a few lengths of tongue & groove floor boarding with the boss of a Chinese owned sawmill. :man_shrugging:t3: