I have just joined, I am 70 years old, looking for friendship only, not dating, just finding life lonely,can you help or is this the wrong group. Thankyou

Welcome Janevicky. If it’s friendly people you want then you are in the right place. Just get posting.

Hello Jane :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

You have come to the right place, we are not a dating site. There are plenty of subjects you may be interested in, some serious some fun.

If you need any help finding you way around, just ask and someone will always try to help you.

Hope you enjoy the forum.

You should okay here. I joined a few months ago and no one has threatened to date me yet. :slight_smile:

I am very new to this sort of thing, not sure how it works, would like to chat to people in Britain, live in Lincolnshire, or near abouts,can’t get out much,just looking for concern at the moment is the Police, never seem to be around ,not like the old days.Is this the same everywhere. Thanks

Just keep your head down and try to stay out of trouble and they probably won’t bother you.

Janevicky. I hope you have a good sense of humour. See Harbals post @ 11.35. :lol:

Hello to the forum.


Friendship is good in these times.

As for the Police, no Police is a good sign, police every hour is a bad sign. i

Hi and welcome to OFF. As you can see I’m not in Britain. But you can still talk to me. :)…Hope you have a good time here.

You’re not with Interpol, are you? :cool:

Hello Jane :slight_smile: welcome …

People join then post on here to chat, to exchange ideas and for discussion.
Some firm friendships have been made and continue both on and off site :-).

Hello Jane and welcome to our forum, we are a friendly bunch on here.
Just get posting.

Could be…:090::105::043:

welcome jane, just jump in and post

Chat away! Quite a social crowd here and quite a cross section and from different backgrounds and some different countries. I’m one of the Scots and also one of the seventy year olds.:slight_smile:

Welcome to OFF

No Jane never fear. The closest I ever came to Interpol was when I visited Lyon where their headquarters are. It’s a gorgeous city. Much better than Paris and the people are a lot nicer. I’m pushing seventy too.

Janevicky, the Police are on here frequently. That is the grammar police, and the fashion police.:lol::wink:

I confess to being one of these. But I try very hard to keep my cuffs and gun in the wardrobe. …:071: