Foundation Make-Up

Hi ladies

I have just about run out of my favourite foundation which is Clinique and I was going to buy some tonight but I’m not wanting to spend over £25 on it. I’ve had mine a long time as I don’t wear foundation very often so it last me a long time.

I love it because it really does make your skin look flawless but I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a good foundation that isn’t so expensive?

Hi Queenie,

I have used Lancome Renergie Lift foundation for about ten years now. It is pricy, about $48, but as you say, it lasts me about six months, goes on evenly, leaves my face soft, and has SPF 20. I never have a breakout problem with this product.

At times I have tried Loreal Lift, about $15, to save money. It is creamy, does cover well, but tends to lay on the skin instead of blending well, and at times initiates a blemish or two.

The Lancome products truly treat my complexion kindly, and I still get compliments occasionally. Well worth the splurge IMO. I’ll cut corners on other lotions and creams.

The only time I wear make up now, is if I am going somewhere special, then I transform myself. :smiley:

I don’t wear it for my yoga classes, nor does anybody else. Neither do I bother for dog walking or shopping.
This way I don’t get a shock in the mirror at the end of the day when I clean it all off again. :lol:

Trouble is, with not getting made up very often, I have to then bear in mind how long I have had the stuff for, as all make up has a shelf life once opened. I certainly wouldn’t use old out of date stuff on my eyes for a start.

Each to their own ey.

I used Lancôme years and years ago but l found it very drying to my face and expensive.
At about the same time, l started to use Leichner Kamera Klear tinted foundation. It comes in a pot!
It was used as stage make up in those days. l found it hard to find and it was really expensive.

These days, l can only find it at an indoor market in my area or online and it only costs about £3! It’s ever so good and you only need a tiny bit!

I buy, A Blend Of Coffee and A Blend Of Caramel.
I put Astral or Olay 7 Effects moisturiser underneath, let it absorb a bit, then l put a tiny bit of the coffee on and a tiny bit of caramel on the top.
You’d think it would be like a mask but it isn’t.

PS. I have just read, Drag Queens use it a lot! Ha!

I only ever use tinted moisturiser as foundation has always been too heavy for my skin. The one I like at the moment is garnier BB. I think it’s the dark one I use. My skin is so pale I like something to give me a healthy glow. But because it’s just a tinted moisturiser you only need a tiny bit and it doesn’t look heavy. I used to always use the ivory or pale ivory shades of foundation when young. Then I realised that it was a bit of a con and just used the most translucent powder (cornsilk was a favourite for years). But the tinted moisturiser gives a boost without the heavy paint feeling. I like bourjois powder and blusher, maybeleine lippy. No mascara, just some defining shadow. When I look at young women these days they don’t look as though they have used any make up at all. Makes you wonder whether they have spent a fortune or nothing!

I use the BB stuff too Annie
It has a sun factor too ( I think)

I used to love Clarins double serum but it costs £58 a bottle .
I help myself to a dollop from the tester if I see one .

I only use foundation when going out, Revlon Colourstay from Boots.

I haven’t used foundation for yonks! :slight_smile:

Just moisturiser for me these days to give a more natural look.

I was devastated to discover Leichner foundation that l use, has been discontinued. I have used it since I was 19!
I wouldn’t have found that out, only for this thread. I had looked online about Leichner last night and there was the news it has been discontinued.
Today, l went to the market where l usually buy it and she only had one shade available. It was almost double in price but l paid it as l was desperate!

I can’t use Garnier or Clarins as l was allergic to them. That’s why l stuck with Leichner that suited me.

I use Estee Lauder Double wear foundation when I am going out as it lasts all day /evening ,very good but a tad expensive .

Oh Art I am so sorry :frowning: I hate it so much when that happens. Usually a favourite lipstick or eyeshadow combination disappearing with no warning. Have you tried Amazon? I have found them invaluable at times like this.

Annie, It is maddening!
I looked everywhere on the internet to try to track some down. The one colour ‘A blend of Coffee’ that l use the most seems unattainable. I did find one for sale at, £24.99. They are cashing in on it now as it used to be £3.50 where l got it from. I know you’d think it was a Load Of rubbish for that price but l found it great quality. It is made in Germany.

I found ‘A Blend Of Chestnut’ on Amazon at £5.99. It’s a darker shade though.
It sounds like l cake it on but l only use the tiniest, weeniest bit of foundation to enhance my complexion!

LionQueen… I use Clinique too and you are right it is expensive… have to be honest I tried cheaper brands … some were ok but none as good as Clinique… perhaps we have similar skin types not sure but honest I just grit my teeth and buy Clinique now. For me and my skin type its the best.

I bought some Rimmel foundation last night , thought I .d try it. I 5hink I will probably dig into my pocket and go back to Clinique. I ve been thinking it does last me a long time as I don’t go full make up often. I m just being tight I think. Clinique makes my skin look nice and covers evenly without caking on.

Pardon my ignorance, but I have never tried Clinique, so what is it that makes Clinique so special?
How do the ingredients differ from other foundations, or is it the name you are paying for?

Clinique avoid ingredients that are known to irritate the skin. I find their products wonderful, I also use a body smoother called Clinique Elixir. I like to smell nice and it really does smell gorgeous and it feels nice on my skin, it doesn’t leave my skin greasy. That too is expensive and I hate paying the money but I love it so I keep buying it, it does last me a long time as you only need to use it very sparingly and it still smells fab.

LQ…I just remembered there is a shop at the York designer centre that sells Clinique at slightly reduced prices if you are ever out that way…it’s not worth a special journey though as they are a bit hit and miss with stock levels.

Mups it’s like e everything else…if you find a product that suits your skin you compare everything else against that product… want to try before you buy the girls on the clinique counter in Debenhams will give you a free sample in a little pot… you only need a tiny amount so it lasts ages


I give up, it is all the power of advertising.

The same stuff with the same ingredients can be found at a fraction of the cost.

You have to wear it to know the differences Swimmy :lol: