For the first time in my life, I am off to the GYM tomorrow!

For the first time in my life, I am off to the GYM tomorrow!!!
My son (a gym instructor!) and hubby have ganged up on me to go. :shock: I HAD been thinking about going but never had the courage to go on my own.:blush:

So its off for an induction tomorrow on the condition that my son goes with me to hold my hand! He’s not doing the induction but got a lady colleague to do it instead. He tells me that a lot of folk get addicted to going, so we’ll see if that’s the case with me!

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Go steady, madam!

Yes Twiz, I will. :shock: I am very unfit so might be dead when I come outta there!!

I’ll let you know one way or the t’other! :smiley:

Well done Joy for getting the courage to go! :023: Will look forward to your first report … if you’re not aching too much :smiley:

I went a few times when I first retired but I soon got bored with it. I much prefer going for a walk in the countryside.

Joy darlin’ - a cautionary tale. After 2nd hip operation in 2005, Surgeon suggested that I needed to strengthen thigh muscles again. I signed up to a gym (they’re not cheap!!!) and went there once a week for about 3 months. On my final visit, I gave my legs a ‘real’ workout on the step machine (the one with poles on it too and looks like you’re power walking). Whilst on this machine and give it a real go, I got a pain in my chest, collapsed off the machine and sat on the floor. The staff called an emergency ambulance and I was whisked off to hospital. No, it wasn’t a heart attack, but I did have another Pulmonary embolism (a blood clot inside my lung - my 5th - and so far my last). I spent the next 5 days in a hospital bed.

I found it very boring as well - and expensive. Decided that the two mile walk there and back probably did me more good!
Now I walk about six miles per day - usually early morning when there are no traffic fumes. Just come back from a woodland walk - and what a walk this morning! It is blowing a gale and I needed a hard hat because of all the falling branches!

I started going when I retired. I go about 3/4 times a week and I really enjoy it. I walk the dogs and then go to the gym for an hour. Lots of people to chat to in the coffee shop post exercise. I have my ipod on blaring heavy metal down my ears - bliss. Doc said it would be good for warding off osteoporosis and good for high blood pressure ( haven’t got it yet)
I live being retired after having been stressed and miserable in my job for years. I want to stay fit and healthy to enjoy thus as long as possible.
So enjoy xxxxxx
x Anne x

I’m far too stingy to pay some gym owner business person to keep or get me fit. I prefer working out with a purpose, like chopping wood and carrying heavy stuff around, walking up and down the hill because I always forget something and have to go back to get it.
My son goes to the gym and forks out money to do so, but I can’t see any benefit yet. He is still as slack and overweight as ever.
Having said that, let me say this…give it your best shot Joy and hopefully you’ll come away with having a healthier body and healthier mind.
Mind you, your body looks healthy enough to me as it is.:lol:

Thank you folks. I will report back later on how it went. :slight_smile:

Thank you Plop, you’ve not seen the rest of me! :lol:

Wow, something to look forward to.:lol:

There will be no stopping me after today. :smiley:

Great, so let’s have a look at the rest of you.:lol:

For godsake don’t overdo it on the first visit else you will pay forrit big time.

:shock::shock::shock: I’m going now. Nice knowing you. :smiley:

Will report back later. :slight_smile:

I SURVIVED!!! :smiley:

I was shown and tried 2 types of bike, upright one and a reclining one, treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machine.
Then other equipment for arms and legs.

Managed them ok but have to slow myself down, was doing them too fast! :shock:

The instructor was very nice but a bit condescending, talking as if I was a child or an old woman!! My son was there to give me support and he will write up a programme now for me to follow. Will try and go twice a week.

Well done Joy :-). Let me know when you’re ready for that walk with me (I’ve already got it planned!) - promise I’ll walk slowly :lol:

Well done Joy! :smiley:

Thank you. :smiley:

One step at a time Myrtle!! :lol::lol:

You might be on to something here.

Centenarian Tom Marsden marks 100th birthday at the gym