Following on from the thread about Gravestones

Why are people so afraid of using the words ‘Death, Dead, and Died’ ?

I really dislike the increasing use of ‘passed’ - passed what? The winning post of life?

‘Passed over’ - passed over what exactly? ‘Passed away’ - to where?
‘Bereft of life’ ‘Crossed over’ ‘Slipped away’ ‘Called to the pearly gates’

The list of euphemisms is endless - why not just use the correct words?


Kicked the bucket, whats wrong with that.

One I sometimes use is ‘Fallen off the end of life’s conveyor belt’ but usually accompanied by the word ‘died’.

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore did a sketch as the VERY adult entertainers Derek & Clive about Cancer. The premise was that like with death, people use euphemisms not the word.

But why do people put RIP. Return If Possible on gravestones?

Correct to you, ST, not necessarily to others,

I use passed over.

Rainbow bridge.

Deceased…I’m not afraid to use those words you quoted either…so not sure what you mean?

Sounds like an assumption.

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Nothing imo…what about when I pop my clogs?

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My husband passed away a few months ago , and Ive found it hard to say hes dead , that to me sounds a harsh unfeeling way of putting it …

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My thoughts exactly.


Well I think anyone speaking to you about it should take your feelings into account. It wouldn’t cost them anything to use less direct language if that was appropriate, even if they wouldn’t normally do that.


I really can’t bring myself to use the word dead if I am talking about my sister. I much prefer to say she passed away (to Heaven) or died. Dead us such a harsh and final word, I dont believe death is the end. Of course this is my comfort

I quite agree @SilverTabby and “passed” is one I too really don’t care for.
Here’s where I for once appreciate Shakespeare with " shuffle off this mortal coil" being an edequate alternative if you really must use something more clourful without actually saying “dead” or even “deceased”.

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It is certainly more pretentious than “passed”, but I fail to see how it is any less euphemistic. :017:

You’re not a Monty Python fan then?
Dead Parrot?

I was when I was 15 years old. :parrot:

What a shame for you to lose your sense of humour at such a young age.

I still manage to laugh occasionally, so all is not lost. :001:

My husband died 5 years ago. There, I don’t mind saying it.


I don’t use euphemisms my self but understand why some people do.Death is final isn’t it?Perhaps it helps some and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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I don’t say there is anything wrong with it, but if the loss is mine, I would prefer straight forward language.