Flurona - a mix of Flu and Covid 19

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I think this is probably worth a small amount of panicking over however, I suggest those of us that had our flu jabs will probably be OK:

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Apart from the Express it doesn’t seem to have been picked up by Sky or the Beeb … yet.

It sounds like it could be everyone’s worst nightmare.
We’ll have to wait and see.
(And it’s well worth it’s own thread so it doesn’t get buried in a swathe of stats :+1:).

If covid is starting to morph into a flu / cold type virus, then maybe it is good news. The symptoms of Omnicon are largely cold like. So maybe this is good news.

In early December they were saying that Omicron had picked up aspects of the common cold … hence the milder more ‘cold like’ symptoms.

It does make you wonder if that it’ll be how it ends up … losing its punch.

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A DEADLY mixture of the flu and coronavirus, dubbed Flurona, has been detected in Israel.

The first case of Flurona was found in a young pregnant woman in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva, Israel. Flurona is a dangerous mixture of coronavirus and influenza. The young woman was unvaccinated and results from the hospital detected the co-presence of both the flu and the Covid 19 pathogens.

The woman has presented with relatively mild symptoms of the disease.

“Deadly” - one unvaccinated person with mild symptoms … :017:


Exactly Omah. The Express headline talks of “Virus Panic” and “horror double infection”. The article then goes on to say “The woman has presented with relatively mild symptoms of the disease”

Media sensationalism yet again :roll_eyes:

I’ve said before that Covid will begin to disappear with a whimper, becoming more like a bout of common-or-garden flu, or perhaps even the common cold.

I don’t know how long it will take Boris & Co. to come to terms with that, though. He seems quite happy to think up various levels of restrictions for us to abide by (as long as he can ignore them himself, of course).

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With a whimper & not a bang, to misquote T S Eliot.


It’s not. It’s a co-infection of the two individual viruses. It’s not a new thing so not sure why the papers are making such a song and dance and calling it “flurona”.

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Well, however you want to describe it, I believe that Covid is now becoming a far less serious virus. If only the media would try to calm down and stop trying to worry people I’m sure we’d be back to the usual common colds and the occasional flu…

…until the next virus appears!

I’ve got an idea, let’s wipe our noses on the papers!

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Yet another media driven problem; anything to keep the public’s attention in their direction at any cost🤬


I totally agree Annie. Don’t they love to stir. I just wish they would ‘stir’ more good things than bad for a change, and I am not going to start my New Year off worrying about even more doom and gloom.

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The Express just go for clickbait sensationalist headlines with a damp squib when you have a look.

If you can stand the smell of manure :smiley:

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Delta is still around but Omicron definitely seems to be a big fuss about something quite mild for most. Trouble is that so many have to self isolate because Omicron comes up as Covid even though it has 39 mutations (vs 11 for the other strains) and nobody knows quite how or where it originated. It’s a mystery!

A better suggestion? Cut the papers up into 6" squares and use as loo paper?

It was first isolated in S Africa so, to me, that suggests it mutated somewhere there or in a next door country.

I just do not understand what all the panic is about regarding Omicron because, as I posted early last month in another thread, the S African scientists were already saying although it was spreading like wildfire, it wasn’t as dangerous as far as hospitalisations and deaths are concerned. In fact, I’d love to know how many people in this country are being hospitalised with Omicron compared to Delta at the moment.

I couldn’t agree more, JBR.

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They are still puzzled as to where it first originated and how it evolved so many mutations which have left no trail.


Well the common cold has evolved many more mutations and, I believe, continues to do so.
Fortunately, we have evolved our own resistance to them all.

My brother who is triple vaccinated has had a positive result for Covid 19.
He lives in Bishops Auckland with his family in three separate houses on their isolated farm that is a mile off the road. Only he has it, so how can this be?