Flash gun hot shoe difference

I decide to thy my Nikon speedight flash gun on my panasonic G9 camera. Yep didn’t work,so a lot of head scratching to find out why.
then I noticed this.

have you spotted he difference? because at first I didn’t. Look at the contact pin hotshoe layout.
Just tghat bit different so you have to get the right flashgun for that camera. I have found one that should wirelessly trigger from being on the pana. G9 to the nikon speedlight

Just ordered a godox flash gun for the pansonic G9 camera. This works at a lot higher speed if wanted, The main thing it can also be used to trigger the nikon speedlight remotely I hope as well, just have to wait untuil i get it to play with

Amazing Godox V860 Mk3 flashun just received, still waiting for a Godox X1R-N 2.4G TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver for the Nikon speedlight flash gun