Fixed my front door bell

Interesting little problem and fix.

Just had a delivery and the guy said our door bell didn’t work, well you don’t test it every day and I installed it about 8 years ago. so this is the proceeduure I went trhrough to find the problem as Sue suggested buying new,but I said lets see if i can get it to work first
Into the workshop for a set of screwdrivers - voltage tester and grips and steps if needed.
My logical approach to fault finding
First was to check at the transformer for power and yes got power
Next partially dismantal the door bell push and again check for power, yes got power there as well, so the issue must be the bell itself (see photo with cover removed) Actually took the whole thing down onto desk.
How it works is an electro magnet ( square plactic unit in the centre) pulls/pushes a sliding hammer to hit the plates (gongs) in conjunction with a murcury switch (glass bit with white arm below)
can’t do a voltage check as current too quck to register .
So manually moved the sliding hammer and very little movement partially seized up. Out with the WD and a good sprey on the hammer and also in the pivot of that murcury switch. AH HA a couple of goes buy hand and everything freed up
Before putting back on the wall quick test with door bell and it works. All it was is a couple of places after all this time got stuck


Saved yourself some money there, RS, well done! :+1:

It is a friedland front door bell kit I installed and I have no idea how much it cost but knowing me it would not have been the cheapest on the market at the time. looking at the button it need replacing to brass finish is worn off

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Get protective tape around it and spray some gold or brass paint on it? Remove tape, and there you go!

It’s time to go digital:

The Ring Video Doorbell is the world’s first battery-operated, Wi-Fi enabled, HD video doorbell. The device enables homeowners to see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world by streaming live audio and video of a home’s front doorstep directly to the free iOS or Android app (live video only available when triggered by motion detection or when the doorbell is rung). The doorbell’s built-in motion sensors detect movement up to 30 feet, and HD video recording stores all recorded footage to the cloud which can be accessed via the Ring app. The Ring Doorbell is quick and easy to set up as it mounts and syncs in minutes and has a built in battery, however, it can also be powered through your existing doorbell wires.


Omah, the doorbell is 8 years old and fixed with wires and tape…besides I don’t think Realspeed has a smartphone which would allow this kind of tech :joy:

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I recon a small tube of car touchup paint should do the trick, just a little rubbing down the crud first

Oh yes, absolutely…you can only try. No point in going to all that bother fixing it back up again, to buy a new one due to a few scratches. :woman_shrugging:

Perhaps go vintage then:


Most of the worlds problems can be fixed with a quick squirt of WD 40 I have found


oooh now, I do like that! :+1: Although it does remind me of an old fashioned flushing toilet, but if I had the house style, I would get one of them!

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Yes…they can. Only costs a fiver too! (Amazon prices mind you)

One of these would be a suitable accessory:

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I’ll have one of them too thanks! Scare off door salesmen and the like :smiley:

I loved that WD40 list…I’m keeping that on file…immensely useful, thanks!

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I was thinking, yes painful for me but there you are. Supposing I had someone in to do this for me.
call out charge around £40
replacement kit say £30 they would insist on
houly rate £20 per hour say 3 hours work +£60
So your looking at anything between £150 -£200 for the same job

cost as a DIY= £0


Well if more people chose to “make do and mend”, I’m sure these skills would stay in the world and be passed down, rather than getting someone in to do the job and paying a fortune. Having said that…£20 an hour to be a Doorbell Fixer sounds pretty good :smiley:

I did all the roof gutter early this morning including the garage . That was 8 in total. when I first moved in I had a firm about 7/8 years ago and then it cost if my memory serves me correctly about £80.
Since then having bought my own skyvac machine in 2016 for £464 and use it at least 4 times a year, if not more, has saved me a small fortune. working it out at the price back then would have cost me around
£1000 more closer to £1500 with inflation etc.

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Well, there you go then! I think there should be classes on these kind of maintenance jobs around the home, honestly. The savings would be enormous…plus it saves having to wait in for " a man" to come round - then folk complain because he does a hackhanded job of it anyway, and still charges an arm & a leg! :roll_eyes: I’m all for DIY if possible…safely of course.

One thing I am actually proud of is the front porch repair I did a few years back after the rain leaked through and had a guy fix it. Trying to get a carpenter easier to pluck stars out of the sky, So another DIY job I took on
hole made to check for leak

stripped back ready for new

new planks I fitted

now completed including strip air vents and extended outside light wiring behind

I just wonder if i had managed to get a tradesman what that would have cost