First time on a plane

Where did you go?

My first flight was to Naples.

It was a very steep decent & poor Tony had ear problems for days afterwards.

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My first flight was to Jersey on my honeymoon 48 years ago.

South Africa. About 50 years ago. Several times since.

I was ten, and going to Bulgaria. I enjoyed the plane there and back more than the holiday itself! :smiley:

For me as an 8 year old flying to Aden with my family as dad was given a 2 year posting . The plane was very noisy and the air hostess gave us barely sugar sweets to suck . I think it took 2 or 3 days flying and landing to get there . We also had paper sick bags as we were all sick .

Never flown in a plane, ever. Don’t want to either.
Does walking onto Concorde count, she wasn’t going anywhere she was grounded.:slight_smile:

1977 from Stockholm to London. I was 16 and going on one of those summer English courses.

That must have been quite an experience though? Did you get shown around and things?

Wonder why? The fear of being in the air?

Possibly but maybe not, I am the same and it’s not a fear being in the air. Not having a passport means I probably never can fly in a plane.

Although I wouldn’t mind a flight in a helicopter! :wink: :slight_smile:


Hah, I did that too, Tiff.
Concorde was grounded at Duxford in about 1982. :slight_smile:

The only time I have actually flown in a plane was as a teenager on honeymoon to Malta.
I have no desire to fly anywhere nowadays.

All the tea in China would not get me in a hot air balloon either. :slight_smile:

Or maybe the fear of not being in the air as long as you should be.

Remember flying isn’t dangerous - crashing’s dangerous

first flight if I remember correctly was to lloret de mar in Spain. Sue and I went and we were not even engaged ? or don’t think so at the time. Her mother insisted on single beds in the hotel and wanted proof. Some chance.

So got on the plane and the air stewardess asked if I was ok . I said I was a bit worried as it was my first flight. Lovely lady asked what worried me.
I said those people down there look like ants, she said they are ants we have not taken off yet. Flown to a lot of countries since then

Aaww, teen bride Mups?

I remember my parents and I took my son for a helicopter ride when he was little.
The pilot thought he would make it more exciting for the little boy and did some swooping about.
It didn’t have the desired affect. My son was terrified and white as a sheet, poor kid!

Yes, I was Ullabi. :slight_smile:

I saw everything through rose tinted glasses in those days. :slight_smile:

It’s very strange but I have no wish to fly in a fixed wing plane but for some reason a helicopter flight interests me. I would also not enjoy something like the roller coasters at Thorpe Park and yet driving at speed in cars and on motorbikes I really do enjoy! :wink: :slight_smile:

I’ve done both. Helicopter flight was over the Grand Canyon absolutely fantastic.

Aww c’mon…I’ll go with you! :smiley:

Is there a reason you don’t have a passport? Just curious.
The nature of my job meant quite a lot of travelling. Mostly commercial flights but I also had a few local aircraft (Cessna) and a few helicopter trips on oil rigs.