Film - the most recent you have seen?

I thought there was already a thread on this subject but for the life of me cannot find it, so here goes.
Last night my son and I went to see Iron Man 3. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, plenty of action, witty humorous, enough gadgetry to satisfy everyone, and of course the luscious Robert Downey Jnr. to boot. Cannot wait for the new Thor, and the new Wolverine.

Do you get the feeling I am a fan of the MARVEL films ;-):wink:

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Yes Des - very obvious… haven’t been to the cinema for years, waiting to see ‘The War Horse’ and ‘The Artist’ on DVD…:slight_smile:

It must be 30 years since we went to the cinema, and I think it was to see one of the Dirty Harry films with Clint Eastwood. We do like films but tend to wait for them to arrive on the television at Christmas time…:lol:

I went to the cinema a couple of weeks ago on a wet day in Alor Setar (in Malaysia). For the princely sum of RM8 ($2.50 - half for Pounds) I saw GI Joe in 3D. With the added benefit of sub titles in Bahasa and Chinese

I haven’t been to the cinema for over 20 years and as others have mentioned wait for it to come out on DVD (or these days just download it). It was an experience I wouldn’t have missed but it did teach me a few things:

[]3D is not that much better than it was in the days of red and green specs, it is just coloured now.
]I will not be spending any money on a 3D TV.
[*]It will probably be another 20 years before I go to the movies again (when I am 86 :wink: ).

prarie dog that ate my mom…the director’s cut.more prairie dog less mom

War horse was on Foxtel the other night, tissues on hand needed ( for me ) but thoroughly enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Les Miserable. a few months ago. Absolutely fantastic.

Same here Barry, in fact I can’t even remember the last time I was in a cinema :lol: My brother keeps telling me how much they have changed but he also tells me what it costs now and I just can’t see it’s worth all the hassle of parking, dressin up (At least to look decent) breathing all the nasties of people in front, behind, coughing etc., and then paying to see something which is all special effects and badly recorded sound. Wait for it to come on TCM for free is my answer.

Sorry just my rant, anyway OH wouldn’t leave the dogs alone for a whole evening, and right now there are no cinemas close enough to consiider going to anyway :roll:

There is a cinema near to where I live and we use it fairly often, (special days for pensioners at reduced rates) I’ve seen three 2013 films so far this year, ‘Identity Thief’, a good laugh, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, the two siblings have grown up and go chasing witches, enjoyed it. The last one was disappointing to me anyway, ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’, a bit too corny for my liking.

Last film I saw at the cinema was “The Hobbit” I just recently noticed that it is now out on DVD so if I had waited just a few weeks … Went out and bought the video anyway because I have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I am sure there must be more “Hobbit” to come as the film seemed to finish in mid air.

A few weeks ago downloaded ‘We bought a Zoo’ and got around to watching last night, excellent film, if a bit shmaltzy (sic.), I love Matt Damon.

All cinema’s so far away I dont bother going, must of been donkey years … But I watch films on dvd and last night watched Billy Elliot for the second time … Its odd I remember it being a much better film the first time around.

The Hobbit is being made into a trilogy. The second part The Desolation Of Smaug is due for release early December this year and next year will be There And Back Again.

I went to the pics yesterday and was bored rigid with Iron Man 3. That little adventure cost me £27 for two seats. I tend not to eat when I go to the pics, because if I did, I would have to remortgage my house. £5.75 for a hotdog, £7 for a bag of popcorn, £3.20 for a bag of pick-and-mix sweets and the wife paid £2.50 for a small Coke, which was both flat and warm. Not forgetting £2.50 for a small scoop of ice cream.

And then Cinema chains complain about people not going to the cinema anymore.

Looking forward to that one Maggis - altho’ I know I’ll cry buckets :!:

Went a couple of months ago to see Quartet. That was the first time in years. It was a very good film though. I read the other day that Billy Connoly has admitted that his memory is getting very poor and he has a job to remember lines. Never been a great fan of his but thought he was very good in this film.

Most recent was The Hobbit (part one). Also rented Disney’s The Sword in the Stone to enjoy with my grandson. :slight_smile:

Never been game to watch the Lord of the Rings movies because I enjoyed the book so much.

I read it in 1972 and haven’t since but terrified to see the films in case they spoil it. I can only think of one film that was better than the book - Atonement - the film was excellent, the book mediocre. I guess that is the exception that proves the rule.

The Hobbit I am not so fussed about it was, after all, a relatively short children’s book, making it in several parts sounds like they are rather over egging the pudding…

Me too, and loved it. Well worth seeing.

We go to our local arts cinema quite a lot as it has a really good coffee shop, cafe and book shop attached and you can take in wine or hot drinks. Planning to go and se ‘Haute Cuisine’ soon, a French film about the woman who was asked to cook for Mitterand.

That’s what puts me off - scandalous overpricing of pretty much everything and then you have to put up with everyone else’s munching and noise (my munching and noise are fine). I don’t find the seating comfortable either and end up, usually, with a numb bum and then I start fidgeting. The last film I saw at the pictures was The Full Monty (absolutely loved it) but again, everyone crammed into a small space and that spoiled it. What made it more amusing were the two nuns sitting in front of us and that fascinated me as much as the film did :lol: