Feelin' Lonely, Tonight!

you giving advice to the controllers > - you’ve gotta hope?

There’s only the Bots out there :slight_smile:

And they only arrive when you don’t need them - never when you do! :roll_eyes:

passing into the wind mate, no chance.

Oh, okay…not to worry.

shall I bring back Elvis for a final encore??

Have you been to see the film yet?
It’s absolutely phenomenal 10/10 :+1::clap: :boom::trophy:


Don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody is perfect, except of course my EX MIL and her daughter.

We all make mistakes and most of them, unless your are a complete uncaring pillock, are not deliberate, it is just a fact of life and is very, very, rarely deliberate.

We do what we think is best, we want our kids to avoid the same mistakes we made.

Absolutely no chance, they are are going to make the same mistakes, all part of growing up.

All we can do is to try to limit the damage, there will be tears, we cannot save them from life, but we can save them from predatory pillocks.

They need someone they can turn to without getting a bollocking.

First love rarely turns out to be permanent, so they need support, not blame.

That is part of being a Dad, you have to differentiate between growing up and your kids being manipulated and abused.

A fumble between two 14year olds, both curious, is no great shakes.

A 20 year old and a 14 year old is, at least in my life.

The 20 year old would not have enjoyed the experience for long.

Just my view on things.

and the title is and it’s about ??

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Ian I have some life exeperiences in these fields of which we talk and using this form of communication for your personal issues whilst providing some residual benefit does not imo provide the best? there are other sites similar that provide private chatting facilities at a small nominal cost to all users - these whilst not being face to face like say skype for instance can be useful and I have used them. Don’t think I can advertise such facilities on this site without breaking protocol?

Break protocol and be damned, gumbud. What’s the worst that can happen? :102:

Exactly. If Limp Willy breaks no protocol then post away

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IMDb: : Elvis
Elvis (2022) - IMDb

do you mind ? I was having attempting a private dialogue with Ian just then and as yet have not had any response! same goes to you Ruthio [ thanks for the new elvis film clip by the way but a rehash of his dreary lifestyle doesn’t sound that appealing anymore?] mind you did see a great film imo of a guy mimicing being Elvis and finally visiting Gracelands - great little movie - do you recall? - I will try to relocate asap?] suffice to say atm as I have no status here of private pming that there are several other large uk forum sites that may offer such facilities which I may have used?? of course if individuals have skype accessibility which I may or may not have then such dialogue is also available I understand? cough cough splutter splutter - erhmm pass the smelling salts audrey dear!

I can take my time, here, and read over responses more than once. That makes a difference. Sometimes, when I’ve been in chat, I’ve had my posts over-reacted to and I’ve over-reacted to other people’s posts. At chat speed, it can be a problem. Also, I get to see what people appear to be like, by reading over their former posts and I can get very quickly sensitive about what to say to them, and what not to say to them. I still like the old ICQ type chat, though. I also use Facebook, but only under a completely different name…security reasons, only.

You really know how to put a chunky, informative post together, Zu. I’ll start doing the YouTube about the whole walking thing. I’m a member of some of the Facebook groups, also, and there has been a slight sign of ideas of new things for me to do, rather than always going back and doing all the old ones.

Thanks, for that, Z.

Of course I don’t mind. :+1:

Hi again Ian,just popped in to enquire if You are feeling less lonely since You started this thread?..I do hope so.x

I am feeling a little less lonely, May…I get good days, from time to time. I’m putting together a battle plan, as I’ve identified that I’ve felt too low, for too long, for it to be just another basic set of mood swings. I’ve been through worse. Thanks, for asking.


Sounds like a good plan Ian