Fashion Icons

Happened to scroll down an article I was reading, past the usual.plethora of ads and links to other stories, when I chanced upon this little beauty.

So, my little debutantes, care to proffer the honest truth as to whom you fashion yourself after?

im not a fan but I do think that of that lot camilla has the best fashion sense. A bit of personality in her choices. Kate always looks impeccable but also rather clinical. A lot of caution in her outfits.

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For me, it is definitely Princess’s Beatrice and Eugenie… not!
Did they wear these hats for a bet? What were they thinking?

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The one on the right reminds me of the type of photo frame you might find in the pound shop… with the picture missing.


Or even antlers that have been heat tonged.

  • None of the above.

What a laugh, do people really do that?

Look to Royals for fashion inspiration I mean?

Why would you? :crazy_face::rofl:

At best what they wear is boring, often it’s butt ugly :scream:


I don’t aspire to Princess’s Beatrice and Eugenie fashion sense but I do find it amusing ….:grinning:

Kate always looks lovely
Camilla always looks fuddy duddy homes and Gardens

You don’t really think she does it herself do you ?
She has a team of stylists and an unlimited budget .
Previously she was dowdy country


Yup, they’ve styled the woman to within an inch of her life. Still, her lifestyle has it’s bonuses :rofl:

She used to be a fan of the short skirt and showing her midriff……

I’d rather see her in the jeans

I actually meant Camilla not Kate .
Kate has impeccable state probably got it from her mother.

None of the above.
I am all for comfort,that does me just fine.

None of the above,I have my own style.:grinning:

I also love short waisted jackets, most of my clothes are sourced from charity shops…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My fashion icons were ‘royalty’ in the fashion world.
Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki and Twiggy.

Since those icons, l haven’t been a sheep. I buy what l like, not because it’s trendy and all the ‘sheep’ wear them but because they suit me!

I wouldn’t follow any of the current royal family as l don’t like what they wear.

I’ve been leaning towards Holly Willoughby just lately…


Or Pauline if Holly’s busy…

They all look the same in the dark with the lights out

Is this something to do with photography?.. no David Bailey myself alas.

I don’t remember having any fashion icons as such.
Fashion generally speaking certainly, glam rock, punk etc, youth culture?

I love Kates style but she is so thin…I’ve decided I like food too much so I will never look like her. This is me 2 years ago in an outfit for an evening do to a wedding