Extinction Rebellion glue themselves to the speakers chair in the HOC!

Their at it again! Pity there is nobody else there ?? :-1::frowning::frowning::-1:

Good thing there is nobody else there.
Lock the doors and leave them there until Parliament re-convenes!
If they have a message for the HoC, they can deliver it in person next week. :wink:


Oh good, the politicians are on holiday so lock it up and leave them.

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I know you’re all going to shout at me but there goes.
I’m in favour of their actions , anything to keep us talking & thinking about the catastrophe that’s facing the planet has to be a good thing .

I do feel sorry for those living and working who are inconvenience or worse when demo’s take place …
However demonstrations might be the only way forward.


HUH! Don’t we have any security in this country any more?

Oh, sorry I forgot … this is the right kind of protest

You can be sure that if it was the EDL or Tommy Robinson or someone protesting about illegal immigrants or Moslem Rape Gangs, then Plod would come down on them fast and hard enough

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@Ripple , Not likely to be inconveniencing anybody in parliament though
are they ?? Should leave them there till next week as others have said !!

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@Mags , Ooooer! Does it matter ?? :-1::-1:

I agree with you, Ripple…yes its bothersome (and can be dangerous sometimes in the event of road blockades) but if its got to the stage where these things need to be done, then they (“they” being the powers that be) should have listened well before then.


I agree, too … the world is going to hell in a handbasket … and something needs to be done sooner rather than later. Those who insist on bringing the catastrophe ahead of us to the attention of the politicians are to be applauded … :clap:


They should be made to stay in there and listen to the debacle that is PMQ’s.


Seems to me they just walked in without any checks by security or staff. :open_mouth: :astonished:

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What a waste of glue!


Except the politicians don’t have to suffer ‘the catastrophy’ - don’t pay attention to anything but their greed, - and couldn’t care less about the rest of us anyway!


Obviously not to you DM :grinning:

When ER started their protests they surely had a valid complaint - that decades of data showed that climate change was happening. it was directly due to human actions and that during these decades all the governments had made noises but essentially done nothing. They saw civil disobedience and direct action as the way to raise their issues and try to get change moving.
In that sense I can sympathise with them and their sense of frustration at the incrementally slow pace of change. I’m less keen on their love of glue. I did smile at their use of lentils to let down the tyres of big SUVs owned by city dwellers. But overall surely it is a worthy goal to seek significant and more rapid change in order to make the planet livable for the generation that ER represent.
I see they are promoting direct citizen involvement in how the government addresses the current energy crisis. That seems at least one idea (albeit a complicated one) as our current government is without ideas.

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@strathmore , ln your case Straffmore, shouldnt you use the plural
when speaking of government ??lt must be so difficult to have
divided loyalties !! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Lentils well I am blowed you learn something everyday

Me too! Good for them for keeping going, it’s brave in face of the venom they get

And this is a good one for drawing attention :+1:

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Personally I think they’re nutcases … all 8 of them.
They’re hardly an army of eco warriors are they.
I blame appallingly boring daytime TV myself … it’s left a few folk bored and with nothing to do.