Exercise bikes

Do you own one?

Do you use it regularly?

I’ve had mine for quite a few years now and must admit I only tend to use it when I need to get in shape for my holidays.:confused:

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No, I don’t have a bike, though I have in the past. I don’t like cycling very much - I’d rather walk for general fitness.

I do have a Wii, and have just returned to it, after a long break (Achilles problem, brought on, I think, by the ‘Step’ programme on the Wii - ironic eh? - followed by holidays and more recently sciatica) I was pleased when my physio said I could do some gentle stuff again.
I love the Yoga workouts, which fel like Pilates to me, and the balance exercises. There’s no need to go crazy and knock yourself out.
My Wii fit age has risen from 29(!) at best to 50 today. I’ve got some catching up to do.

I tried one a few years ago but got nowhere. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: good one Nero!

I find it quite difficult to get back into after lapsing for a few months, I go through a pain barrier for the first few days until the old legs start moving freely!:lol:

I have one and admit I rarely use it. It’s just so … booooring!

Never had an exercise bike, but had an ordinary bike a good few years ago, used to use it a lot…

I’ve got one and love it!

I go through stages of going on it everyday for up to an hour to totally forgetting it’s there. But one thing is for sure - I feel really refreshed afterwards.

What makes it not boring, and actually quite enjoyable for me, is listening to my Sony Walkman - where the sound quality just blows me away… it sounds almost as good as the home studio I had set up… which cost thousands! It really is amazing and I love listening to it and it makes stay longer on the bike too, I’ve often thought (once my 50 mins are up) ‘Oh I’ll just let this track finish’ then a few minutes later another track I like comes on and I end up staying longer to listen to that too :lol:

Up to an hour Azz??? :shock:

I’m lucky if I can manage 10 minutes! :lol:

Do you enjoy music? If so I recommend a Sony Walkman!

If you restrict your music listening (with the Walkman) ‘just’ for on the bike, trust me you’ll be on it for ages :044:

Just yesterday I thought I’d get back into it - planned to start with 15 minutes, ended up staying for 40! :043:

We have an exercise bike, it’s in the shed, I have a treadmill which is in the lounge, I sometimes use it to hang my washing on :smiley:

I use loud music to get me through housework Azz!

Lol good one!

Here’s mine, I love it!


Looks nice, Azz. My problem is that I don’t like listening to music with earphones. Weird, I suppose, but having music inside my head instead of coming into it just doesn’t feel right. It’s difficult to read on the exercise bike, that would take care of the boring bit if I could …

Try a talking book on a dvd player, I always take them with me when I am caravanning.

Have never had an exercise bike-had a go on my brothers but it didn’t do my wonky knee any good so sticking to walking :slight_smile:

All this talk of the bike got me back on it… 45 mins and just under 500 calories burnt.

I was intending to do just 20 - 30 mins, but the tunes on the walkman kept coming. The last one was Queens I want to break free - how could I not listen to that! (Hope nobody heard me singing along tho! :043:)

:lol::lol::lol: Thought it was the singers on Strictly that were out of tune-but it was you Azz :lol: Why is it nobody sings in tune when they have their ear phones on :confused:

But don’t you need earphones for them too? That’s my problem don’t like earphones. I wonder if someone makes a holder-type thing that would fit on the handlebars to hold a real book? Anyone know?

You’re making me feel guilty now Azz :blush: …I’ll see if I can find a spare 5 minutes to go on it tomorrow! :mrgreen:

Azz is embarrassing me too, Mags! Will give it a (short!!) whirl tomorrow. :mrgreen:

Lol gee thanks Merz! :lol:

Right everyone, maybe we should start a fitness thread and everyone has to give us daily updates of what health n fitness stuff they’ve been doing that day! :mrgreen: