Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Glasgow now frontrunner to be host city

  • I didn’t even know Scotland was in the running…this should be fun! :musical_note:

Given its cultural status, quite right too.


I have stopped watching Eurovision since SBS started taking it seriously. Initially it was treated as a joke with Mary Coutas and Julia Zemira hosting and taking the piss. Now SBS treats it as if someone cares who wins. Very poor show.

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Oh dear - who did they upset ?

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Well, I suppose it’s one way of getting the bins emptied, and the streets cleaned up.

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Didn’t help Edinburgh at the festival though did it? :thinking:

Aye, but Europeans expect more, apparently… :wink:

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For the first time the contest will be split into two parts to better show the culture of the host city

Round one will be removing the alloys from a parked car and leaving it on bricks.

Glasgow is a city of Culture, Fine Art, and now…fine song! :joy:

Never been the same since Taggart died!


TAGGARTS DEAD??? no wonder there are so many murders…


I am very fond of Glasgow having lived there for 5 years. It is a unique city.
My recommendation for the contest, should they pick Glasgow, is to have all the acts perform out in the streets of the city. In that way the resident alccies (of which there are many, tanked up on Diamond White, Tennants Super and Buckfast) can join in with the singing. Thus giving back a little to the citizens of the streets (quite literally) of Glasgow. And making great TV at the same time.

I never got my head around how they continued the series after the main actor McManus and hence the main character died.

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Oh its been a while since you’ve been here then. :wink:

Don’t tell me they are now drinking shiraz and chardonnay

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Oh its not for me to say :joy:

It lost itself, Dex, straight down silly street.

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No, just Mad Dog 20/20… :smiley:

So, what do you think of our entry?

It reminds me a bit of those TikTok songs I dance to. Shades of Lady Gaga and Rihanna but not quite getting there?

It’s young and will appeal but I’m not sure it’s got enough punch or originality. Still, hope she wins! Those nails……:open_mouth:

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I miss the halcyon days when no one in Australia took Eurovision seriously and the commentators on SBS spent the whole broadcast taking the piss.

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