Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Glasgow now frontrunner to be host city

Yes its amazing how its become popular we used to treat it with ridicule here too very tongue in cheek…it seems cool to like it these days…not sure what Terry Wigan would make of it now :smile:

This years entry reminds me very much of Miley Cyrus Flowers

Is this a parody of Eurovision? I know that Red nose day is comedy. I’m guessing this is a comedy skit about Eurovision.

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Using the term comedy loosely.If the UK had a dalek entrant they would have a better chance.IMO

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I’ve heard it once and that was enough thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:
Then again I’m no longer young, trendy and with it …in fact I’m very much without it and long may it continue!

It’ll do…
Music (I use the word loosely) has changed so much over the years and I don’t listen to the modern stuff. I am still back in the days when four blokes or ladies, three guitars and a drummer, and perhaps a keyboard, plus either a man or a woman vocalist stood up on stage and belted it out…
Nowadays it’s more about the video accompanying the music that counts, and to be honest I liked the vid…However, with Eurovision it’s more about the mood of the foreign voters and their feelings towards the UK…If we’ve been good…we should be in with a chance.

I have to wonder what Mum and Dad thought about the Stones, Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix…
Having been brought up on Glen Miller and Joe Loss…

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My parents hated The Sex Pistols.
The only vaguely new wave type act I saw on Eurovision was a a band called The Fruit Eating Bears if I remember correctly…I think they might have even indulged in a modest pogo .


Eurovision…which one did you fancy?
Cracking song!

ABBA could have been in the 73 contest but Ring Ring wasn’t selected.
Why do I remember Teach in won it the next year?

A proper Eurovision Song :grinning:.