England v Scotland

Well what a bore that was, eh? There seemed to be some confusion over which direction England were facing, the ball going backwards more times than it went forwards. Perhaps if someone had made it clear to the England team that they were meant to get the ball between the posts at the end of the pitch, it might have been more interesting.

I agree 100%. Perhaps someone should be told the object is to put the ball between those white posts on which is hung a net and not to tip tap it from one player to another.
I have heard that Portugal are sending their team to the Olympic Games and entering them in the diving contests which they are masters at.

I did watch a bit of the first half, but it was so very boring (apart from the near miss post bounce that Scotland did :wink: ) that I went and did more interesting things.

If someone had agreed, in advance, that a draw would be best suited to the UK entries, it would have all made sense!


I can’t be bothered to even watch a lot of men chasing a ball then hugging each other when the ball goes into a fishing net. Call them footballers? rubbish. If the grass is to long they wont play -if there is snow/ice on the pitch they won’t play and also have terrible eyesight as they have to have their names plastered right across their backs. Even their balls have to have the right bounce, not like the leather laced up footballs we had to kick about.

They would not have even got out of the changing rooms if they had to play on grounds like we did as school kids


I have to admit, that did cross my mind too. Perhaps it was meant to keep the peace in London but then I’m not sure they could be so accurate as to hit the post. They could have scored and messed the whole thing up. :lol:

I can remember kicking those leather balls around and they were bloody hard. :shock:

I actually forgot what I was watching at one point. :cry:

I was very undecided on wether to watch or read the instructions on a tin of Dulux Matt paint…the paint won…


Should have had a bet on that, you’d have won!

Not if it was Tartan paint. :-p

Ha! You think its a joke…behold!

Oh I know it’s real. How else would the Scots paint all their walls, carpets, skirts etc? :-p

We don’t paint carpets, silly… Jeez, have you learned nothing from your trips up north, we have to weave our carpets ourselves!

I watched some of Braveheart last night. I had no idea William Wallace was American. :lol:

A wee smout as well, apparently :shock:

Very wee. He looked like a chimp. :lol:

Yes, well…the REAL William Wallace was 6 foot 7 and built like a tank. Very cheery and handsome too, by all accounts. Not like munckin Mel.