Engaged Before Marriage

Did he/she buy you an engagement ring before you became married?

Which partner proposed?

How did you propose?

Did you get down on one knee?

We’re you married in church or a registry office?

How many years have you been married?

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Yes we were.

It was me who proposed.

I waited until a trip to Florida and proposed in Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyworld, with a little help from the staff.

I didn’t do the “knee” thing, as her ring was presented to her in a glass slipper with flowers and goblets and in front of a small cheering crowd.

We had a civil ceremony some years later. (Honeymoon was back in Florida)

This year will be our 16th, although we have been together 25 years.


What a lucky lady…,I bet she felt so special when you proposed like that,:heartpulse:

She did and still talks about it today. At the time, I had to guess her ring size which was too small and had it resized when we got back. But then she wanted it presented again, so we had to have a meal out and got proposed to again for the second time.

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I confess to being significantly more engaged after getting married than before. :sunglasses:


Maybe I am missing somethin, but I thought being engaged simply meant the question, will you marry me, had been asked & the reply was yes. So how can you NOT be engaged & get married?


That reminds me I never did get an engagement ring the second time around !


I bet you were,:heartpulse:

When I got married for the first time, …my ex bought me an engagement ring, to show that we were officially engaged to be married.

Further down the line, I received official papers ,stating that we were divorced.


Ah, so now we know your carbon footprint, Pauline :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Cheers! :hugs:


Sorry for the confusion…I’ve just amended my OP…

Did he/ she buy you an engagement ring before marriage.?

We had no money so my engagement ring came from either Ratners or Samuels. You could just about make out the tiny diamond it was that small. We have been married 45 years and i wore it until about 3 years ago and it had worn so thin. I keep thinking I should get it fixed up.


My Lovely Cousin told me she wanted a long courtship, so I gave her one. Stop sniggering at the back!

A year after she asked me if I wanted “to go serious” with her, she asked me if I was planning to ask her to marry me anytime soon. I reminded her of the above. “Oh,” she said, “I meant, a long engagement.”

I planned to pop the question on the seventh anniversary of the day we first met, in a nice pub with a nice restaurant just round the corner from my house, after we had finished pudding. I didn’t have a ring, but I did plan to get down on bended knee.

She hadn’t got a clue about the significance of the date, but her mum had, and told her, “He’s going to propose!”
My Cousin was adamant that I wasn’t. The problem was that she told me, so I decided not to, at least not that evening.

I made them both wait a fortnight, and proposed whilst saying goodnight to my Lovely. I was on the ground outside her house and she was standing in her doorway, two steps up, so I didn’t get down on one knee after all otherwise I would have been proposing to her shins.
It normally took me seven minutes to walk from her house to mine. I believe I floated home that evening.

We went out the following day to buy rings, spending the money I had in my wallet that was intended for that month’s mortgage payment.
It was not a cheap mortgage.

We married a year to the day after I proposed, in our local church; a traditional white wedding as was her right. She had told me when she was fourteen that no man would see her naked before her wedding night, so I knew when we started courting there would be no pre-marital nookie, but it didn’t put me off.

Although we regularly tease my Aunty/MiL about messing up my first proposal attempt, I’m actually glad because our first son was born on the ninth anniversary of the day we met when my Uncle married her mother, meaning it was also my Outlaws ninth wedding anniversary.

We have been married over thirty eight years.

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This is the second time round for me & my wife. We first met via work when she was a student Nurse. We had a relationship over a few years & then parted for a few years.

She got married, which lasted a few months & then as she was getting divorced, happened to phone my place of employment. She had a different name & I was working with a different client group, in a different town. So it took a while for the connection to drop.

I was in my last two weeks, as I had resigned to go & do my Bus driver training. We met for lunch & have, in a few weeks time been married for 25 years.

She asked me to get married. When we were out for a winter’s evening walk on a beach.

We were married in a registry office.


Thanks for sharing, I love reading these romantic stories,:heartpulse:

Happy Anniversary in a few weeks time,Gee.


I was proposed to on Lake Titicaca in South America. Down one knee, the whole boat load of tourists roped in, the works…complete with an engagement ring crafted locally in Bolivia…it was charmingly romantic.
How could I possibly say no?!


Gosh Lucy how romantic and it struck a cord with me.
When I was a young girl just married and living in South America this was one of my favourite songs it’s Peruvian .
The words if you know Spanish are incredibly poignant and romantic .
On the banks of Titicaca I wrote your name then the waves came and washed it away and nothing remained .
Etc etc


Oh my gosh! Just bought a tear to my!!

My wife proposed to me when she was 17. We were married when she was 18 and our 1st daughter arrived when she was 19.
If you check my profile out you will see where and when she proposed.


I’ve just checked your profile,LD…can’t find where she proposed?

Do I click on something to open it up?