What’s all this rubbish about Laurel suddenly being an alcoholic? I would hope that if my partner was coming to bed legless every night, I might notice! I’ve got a nose like a dog and reckon I’d smell them coming up the stairs even :smiley:
How could Marlon honestly lay next to someone every night, or kiss them, and be so totally unaware of the smell of vast quantities of booze on their breath?

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Yes, a good point! But they’ve got it right with the denial. We had someone in the family like that.

What a complete turnaround of the character. From the fancy dressed bumble bee who was very shy, to vicar’s wife, now someone who lies, blames everyone else but them self, gets angry with father (who, let’s face it, actively encouraged the drinking).

It’s a soap, it doesn’t have to be realistic. What about the children who they manage to ignore most of the time ?

I hate what they have done to Laurel, they took a nice little family and destroyed Laurel and Ashley as characters because never did believe him as a father beater either.

Resurrected this thread for anyone still watching it :slight_smile:

So who’s baby is Vanessa expecting do you think?

I am still watching but about once a week I wonder why :confused:

Well I think the baby is Kirin’s that gives maximum drama I think and that allows then to carry on this story of a nearly 40 year old woman with a school boy :107:

Mmm, I suspect you’re right Julie.

I know the answer, and can give it if you want spoilers. But it will be spoilers!!

In the meantime I’ll keep stchum. I hate upsetting people who don’t want to know.

Best keep stchum Jazzi.
Can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t want to know just yet. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind a few guesses and speculation but thank yo for not doing a spoiler, we can all find out if we want but it’s nice to see it just play out on screen and not know what is coming.

Scrub my post at no. 8. The tv guide deliberately misled me!!!

Oh…hang on a second…:confused:

the baby is adams saw tonite …so did u all i think …glad it wasnt the imature kids or she will have 2 to bring up:shock:

I thought it was Kirin’s his father had the letter so I assumed he changed it ???

I thought he changed it too Julie. :confused:

We didn’t see a letter addressed to her, only a form stating the percentage of the person named being the parent. He had to have doctored the communication in some way, maybe copying the heading, signature etc. or even maybe typing out a completely different letter, leaving behind whatever they’d sent!

Rakesh, you DO know it’s illegal to tamper with someone’s mail, don’t you?!

Don’t think he heard you, Jazzi. :smiley:

Vanessa’s baby IS Kirin’s, and that’s not a spoiler. We saw Rakesh stealing the DNA letter of confirmation which showed that Adam was not the father, but Rakesh stole the letter and somehow doctored it, then pushed it back through Vanessa’s letter box in its original envelope.

Leyla had picked up the original letter and carelessly chucked it on a side table which Rakesh spotted, swiped, then somehow amended, although we didn’t see exactly what he did.

Very cruel indeed. :cry:

Now, who is the father of Charity’s?

Good question! I Googled when Declan left and it may have been around Sep/Oct, but were he and Charity in a sexual relationship towards the end? Or did she somehow grab a prison warder right at the beginning of being held?

Could it be Cain’s?

Wonder if we’ll ever know?

(ETA…I didn’t see that one coming…)