Dubbed the 'Battle of Brexit'

Farage is nowhere man , now looks like he’s off his rocker.
Possible next move Big Brother .


You obviously haven’t listened to Farage have you Ripple?

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Politicians usually get other people to do their fighting.


If you had watched Farage on GB news you would have noticed that he deals with the issues that normal people want the government to address. He’s doing a better job than the waste of space Shadow government…And he’s getting lots of support, and to call him a ‘Nowhere Man’ and suggesting seeing him on ‘Big Brother’ is being disrespectful and rude.


Usual cheap publicity stunt by the snake oil salesman Farage :rage:


Although it’s getting to be a bit of a trend

First Mick Lynch offers to do Trial by Combat with Shapps

Then Farage thought what a good idea and had a go

Perhaps he’s missing trousering the dosh as an MEP while never bothering to show up?


You can’t please all of the people all of the time Maree…You can just try to convince the majority, and I think Farage has done that on several occasions…
:uk: God save the Queen, and Nigel Farage… :+1:


Well, he deffo helped to convince the majority with his lies and cheap sake oil salesman populism :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Which is to his eternal shame, of course, and to the eternal shame of those who went along with it :slightly_frowning_face:

They’ve done terrible harm

God Save the Queen and God Damn Nigel Farage

Mind you, I’d pay good money to see him in the ring with Tyson Fury :boxing_glove::boxing_glove::boxing_glove::frog:

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Keeps him in the limelight.

Its sad really farage was brilliant at getting brexit for us but his hatred of boris appears to have warped his mind. Its almost as bad as trump derangement syndrome in USA msm.


None of them like it when it’s their turn to be has-beens



A very strange thing to do.

Boris may be overweight but he is very very fit,

He is also mentally very determined and can take a lot of punishment.

Boris is a survivor, he does not play by the rules.

Getting into a Boxing Ring with him and expecting a fair fight is both stupid and dangerous.


His success is in having the gift of the gab and always one step ahead of those in Government.

@Cinderella , Who are you talking about cinders ??
Frage or Johnson ?? :thinking::thinking:

Nigel Farage, whatever you think of him, they are all opportunists; par for the course.


I would not get in a ring with either Farage or Boris.

It would not be fair on either of them.

A nothing, a nobody, can’t even afford a decent suit.

That is how I and others were treated.

They forget that we where trained, with public money to defend and protect them.

A Boxing Ring is not the best place for them to get into a fight, it would be over in seconds.

Your choice, or National Service.

Possibly, he would do BB, as long as he doesn’t sing.