Doctors surgeries getting worse

I need to speak with a doctor but I’m having a really hard time trying to get an appointment face to face or even phone.

I phoned at 8am this morning for over half an hour and couldn’t get through, then when I did all the appointments were gone.

I thought I’d try make appointment online but it said I have no access to book apps online so contact the surgery, I did so and was met with,

Receptionist: oh we don’t do online apps anymore.
Me: Why not?
Receptionist: it was removed with covid.
Me: Why now then…
Receptionist: still because of covid.
Me: But there are no restrictions anymore
Receptionist: They haven’t re instated it.

Me: So how am I to speak to a doctor or get an appointment.

Receptionist: You’ll have to keep trying.

Me: But I have to work, I can’t be ringing for over half an hour and more

Receptionist: Sorry but you’ll have to keep trying.

I feel quite cross about this, I need my heart medications reviewing, what the heck am I supposed to do.? It’s horrible how it is at doctors these days.

Do you have the same problem?


Similar thread for me it has got a little better but I still cannot book an appointment online.

Before our area CCG took control over the docs, yes we had the same problem, so we would go straight to our local A&E walk-in and they sorted out any problems calling the doc direct if necessary. Now we have review dates printed on the repeat counterfoils and doc has no option but to arrange a review in good time.

How frustrating LQ . I just dont understand WHY , what has changed and if so WHY. I’m flummoxed. Surely there are the same amount of doctors in the surgeries?

Really hope you get your appointment

Does anyone have the answer for all this nonsense anymore ?

It’s the same here, LQ, so difficult to even get an appointment with a nurse. The receptionists, come to the door & don’t let you in unless you have an appointment, how you can get one then I have no idea. I haven’t needed to try for months luckily & don’t bother.
My Son has been having very good treatment lately though. Can’t fault them on his treatment.

It’s the same at our surgery, virtually impossible to get any sort of appointment. I’ve heard from others recently that even the e-consult system isn’t any good now because around 9.00am you get a message pop up saying that the e-consult list is now full for the day and to try again tomorrow. So you can’t even submit your form!!!

Same here
We have our local surgery that is a three minute walk from my house, it closed during the pandemic and is yet to reopen, I have to drive ten or fifteen minutes to the next one, not a huge problem in itself but having to come from work it’s now about half an hour, I’ve just been prescribed meds but have not seen a physical doctor, all done by phone and texts,

I was having problems getting an appointment, so emailed the surgery with the subject FAO (name of doctor) and explained my situation within the email. I emailed in the evening he called me the very next morning.

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I have found exactly the same set of responses when I try to arrange an appointment.
Receptionists have always been obstructive… it’s traditional, but now they don’t seem to have face to face appointments, they having been replaced by telephone appointments.
Similarly, they have not had online appointments for as long as I remember.
It’s as if Covid has proved to be the ideal excuse for them to reduce their workload.
Needless to say, they don’t have the facilities for patients to email them.

I have, in the past, written to the surgery naming a specific doctor if necessary and found that it can be very effective. Of course, it provides clear evidence of my request for help/advice and so would be difficult to ignore. I have even dropped it in to the surgery myself rather than posting it to ensure receipt.

Why not try that?
Better than trying to get past the Rottweiler receptionists.

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I think most of us do, Queenie. I was left on hold for 29 mins a few days ago.
As if that isn’t bad enough, the horrendous, repetitive music they play would make a Saint swear.

I can see why they get verbal abuse at times, (although I am not condoning it), but when someone is feeling unwell or in pain, they often haven’t got the unlimited patience they might have on a good day, and then, after being left on hold for eternity, they get told all the appointments have been taken! No wonder people explode.

What I want to know is, now the Covid restrictions have been lifted, why aren’t the GP’s seeing patients face to face again?


I’ve got a face to face on Thursday and not looking forward to it :sob:

Good luck, Wendeey. :+1:

Whatever it’s for … hugs wendeey :hugs:

Thanks Mups and Morti xxx

I think we’d all like to know the answer to that.
My opinion is that they’ve found the ideal excuse to cut down on their work!

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Well, lucky old you! (Oi! less of the old!)

That’s terrible. It seems to vary a lot around the country. Where live in Dorset we get through immediately and can either book a face to face appt or get a callback which so far has been very quick. My husband got a same day face to face appt recently on the same day.

We’ve never had a problem getting face to face appointments recently and could get them during the lockdown if it were necessary. My husband had a blood test recently and got a call from the surgery at 7.30 pm to discuss them. Our cGPs are working harder than ever

I have had to cancel my dentist appointment and they have given me another at the end of September !
It’s now three years since I saw a dentist because of cancelled appointments ( them ) due to covid .
I keep trying to see a hygienist but they have cancelled twice already .
Of course if you go private at vast expense you get an appointment pdq.

Well didn’t you know Muddy, money kills Covid germs on contact. :wink: