Do you try new foods?

Are you adventurous in trying new foods or do you stick to the tried and true?

For a couple years, I ate the same thing every day. Exactly the same thing. I didn’t get bored of it or bothered by the lack of variety. I felt that the daily routine had enough nutrients that I wasn’t worried about it.

Then one day, I branched out for various reasons. I started trying a lot of new things. Lately I’ve been trying a lot of new products. The latest thing I’ve tried is Hippeas brand tortilla chips, vegan ranch flavor. I don’t think it agreed with my stomach, so on to the next thing.

Do you try new foods? What’s the last thing you’ve tried that’s new to you?

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The first thing I ate this morning was a scone and butter. Then some toast with my wife’s cream cheese on it, and a cup of tea. I had to be out of the kitchen fast because she is working [telephone-zoom-crap-$$$] and my days off are always during the mid-week. Then a cheddar and tomato sandwich in the mid-afternoon, then chorizo stew for tea, same recipe since '95, plus red wine.

I eat anything - although ‘professionally’ I try not to, or I’m not allowed to eat - clients’ - for want of a better word - their food - putting bleach into pastry and poo in/ by accident/mental health. I mean normally I get over frivolous stuff like that, I will eat anything…

I’ve only suffered that ‘baulk condition’ a couple of times in my life where you can’t eat the food because the host is so unsavoury - I dont like to explore that side of me so often, y’know :slight_smile:

My biggest food evolution would be the ‘dropping’ of cereals about 5 years ago…and coffee also…I’m English so only tea from now on, horrible coffee.

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I only eat food to live,it doesn’t interest me much.I could eat the same thing every day.Not unreasonably my BH doesn’t think much of that and I follow her lead.Her mother is Dutch so I’ve eaten stuff I had never previously heard of.

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I love trying new foods my only real failure to date is eating deep fried Cockroaches and Grasshoppers, I bought them but couldn’t eat them. It was very disappointing.

We only live once so we need to enjoy as much of it as possible and food is right up there with the better things of life.


Sounds yummy! :yum:

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At different times in my life, I have agreed with one or the other.

Can you explain your change of mind?

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That is probably true for me also, in my teens, 20s and early 30s, food was one of those things one had to have, though I did always enjoy good food, it wasn’t something I sought out

When I was working in the remote areas many decades ago, I have some happy memories of sitting by a camp fire eating some freshly shot and butchered meat. On the downside is also the memory of trying to cook and ultimately throwing away feral fox meat, the smell and taste was indescribable (Oscar Wilde was absolutely right).

Those days are long gone and native species are all protected and I certainly don’t fancy eating feral cats or dogs and while venison is a particular favourite and plentiful locally I no longer have a rifle (since the Port Arthur massacre).

I would try most things (except deep fried insects and other such delicacies). I used to try new things before I realised food intolerances were creating so many problems for my health.

I had a brioche with cheese and ham and mayo for work lunch yesterday. The sweetness of brioche mixed with the savoury filling isn’t something most people would try. But it’s yummy. I also found some really nice yoghurt in sainsbury called Liberte with honey, fat free so it says. Absolutely the yummiest yoghurt I’ve had for a long while.

We were brought up to try/taste foods before rejecting them - which, I suppose, was a good thing but it can sometimes lead to an unpleasant experience. I’m remembering a school trip to paris - and tasting the disgusting mess that is grenouille, and worse - escargot - before I knew what they were. Left me with a deep distrust of eating anything french.

However, I do like to try new things and love experimenting in the kitchen, but think I would draw the line at Bruce’s bugs!

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New foods?

When supermarket shopping I do stick to old favourites … Scots Porridge Oats, Kerrygold Butter, and so on.

But when cooking/preparing dishes at home, I always like to try new ideas.

Lunch out … like to keep it to £5, tried a newish Korean eatery two days ago. Always like to check out the new value-for-money, even if it means traveling halfway across London. Things have gone up recently but Ms d00d & I sometimes share and the nice people pile the plate up, all good fun.

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Yes I try new foods. I’ve even tried durian fruit in Malaysia, once, but never, never, ever again. What they say is absolutely untrue - it’s far, far worse than that. It is the devil’s own work. It is foul. It is disgustingly horrible. It is worse than a blocked and fermenting sewer.

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I will only try new pre cooked/made foods IF i am able to fully understand what the ingredients are. Anything declaring “permitted additives” will be rejected unless the manufacturer has an e-mail address AND replies to my questions.


WHAT! I love Durian! (and Mangostein) Though I understand why it is banned from all hotels

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Yes. Alligator.


Escargot are delicious

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Are you saying that you kept regurgitating it? :078:

I cant’t imagine what state it was in after two years. :grimacing:

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Noooooo Harbal!!!

Good man, yourself, d00d !

Not to my taste - but the world would be a boring place if we all ate the same things. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

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