Do you still use talc?

There used to be lots of lovely smelling branded talcum powders available years ago ,now I don’t see any on shelves .
Do you ?

I haven’t used it since I was a child. I’m not sure why it would be on sale following a link to cancer. Johnson’s are changing their formulation to remove the mineral content.

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It was in America that some women sued Johnson’s .?
I think talc has been renamed Body Powder .

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Yes I use talcum powder to stop ants …they won’t cross a line of talc .
I don’t use an ant killer as I don’t want to kill them .


How is that possible? I thought talc was soapstone ie a rock (probably has a scientific name but I don’t know what it is)

Just cirious

Something to do with replacing it with corn starch Bruce. It’s not a thing for me as I never really understood the appeal of talc in the first place. It was something that was used to dry yourself after a bath. A ritual of sorts based on I’m not sure what logic…what is wrong with a towel after all.

It’s funny how we get used to these habits without really understanding why we do what we do.

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I use Johnsons baby powder after my daily shower.

Always have done…

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Thanks for that info. It never occurred to me that it was used for anything other than babies bums or weightlifting.

Many decades ago I had a girlfriend in N Qld who had a rather artistic younger brother at high school, he used to collect pieces of soapstone from the area and carve them into rather beautiful objects and statues using just a screwdriver blade and a sharp metal pointer.

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Yes and in most outlets I visit. I endure a skin problem where Cuticura medicated powder is the only retail little helper

I’ve used talc every day of my life following a shower (or a bath in the old days) Bits that rub together can be lubricated using talc. A brisk rub with a towel still leaves these surfaces sticky.
I never use deodorants, preventing the body from sweating is not wise, and I suspect that deodorants are more cancer forming than talc. I also suspect that the bad publicity about talc was started by the deodorant manufacturers.

I don’t simply because it seems that Imperial Leather talc is no longer available, I’d always have some in the bathroom. I’m not adverse to a splash of cologne too.

I use talc,Yardley lavender and Medipur body powder which is 100% talc free.

It’s not talc that’s carcinogenic it is talcs close proximity to certain types of asbestos apparently they’re always found together…

Not good

:+1::+1::+1::+1: … nowt worse than enduring our ‘bits’ chaffing and talc stops all of that skin-on-skin friction

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As said previously the manufacturers who still make what was formerly known as talc have renamed it bodypowder assuring buyers that its talc free .
Johnson’s too have renamed their UK product as baby powder .

I remember as a teenager circular boxes containing a " puff", these were called dusting powder .

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Imperial Leather talc on sale still ,Boots,Superdrug ,Supermarkets, eBay,Amazon etc.

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Many thanks… I’m off out shopping very shortly :+1:

Yes particularly after swimming. Also good on feet.
I buy it from the baby section, labelled Baby Powder.

I have used M & S Florentyna talc for years - and still use it.

That’s not just any talc Mags…
That’s M&S talk…
I’ve been using Tesco’s, but I think I’ll try that M&S talc Mags…Because I’m worth it!

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