Do You Mind Loose Leaflets And Flyers Inserted In Magazines?

Loose leaflet inserts… I’m afraid they annoy me and l usually tip them out in the rack in the shop/supermarket.
Worse are the ones attached to staples in the centre of a magazine. As gently, as you try to take them out, they seem to loosen the staples and sometimes your magazine pages start to come apart.
Maybe, l’m being impatient and should welcome these unwanted inserts?

What about you. Are they something you like to read, or do they annoy you too?

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Sainsbury’s have a recycling bin by the magazine rack - it is almost always full of leaflets - so you are not alone, Artangel.

I subscribed to Q Magazine back in the 90s … used to get a free CD every time.

But now all mags I thumb are a bit S/H, bits have, no doubt, dropped out …

I don’t really buy magazines or newspapers anymore, but the leaflets and flyers didn’t bother me to the extent that I tipped them out onto the rack before buying them :joy:

I also worked in a newsagents for a while, and I put them all in there every single day, so…spare a thought for the little paper stuffer people whose livelihood depends on you not tipping things out! :smiley:

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Can’t say they really bother me. My older Sister and I used to have a competition to find the ad for the most tasteless thing in colour sups and magazines, for example


I want that clock.

On which subject, did you know that apparently watches and clocks nearly always show the same time in pictures advertising them?

Yes, and do you know why?

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No I didn’t know that…

…just nipped off to have a look

…you’re right, 10 past 2

Smiley looking time

Yes because I saw it on that difficult quiz presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell a few weeks ago :wink:


Oh I haven’t seen that programme. Its a bit of random useless information that rattles around my head from years ago. I guess people know though.

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Yep - if the leaflets and supplements annoy consumers, I can also vouch for the fact that they annoy the newsagents even more! :exploding_head:

Nowadays, most of the magazines arrive already “stuffed” but the leaflets often fall out - or customers tip them out and leave them lying about on the mag racks for us to clear up - it’s difficult to decide if stray leaflets have fallen out and need replacing or if the mag they came from has already been bought - I used to just chuck any stray leaflets I found on the racks cos I didn’t have time to flick through the mags left to see if they had just fallen out.

The job I hate most is stuffing the weekend newspapers with all the various supplements - some of them have about 3 different supplements - all the supplements arrive separately to the newspapers - some of them arrive the day before - and we have to clear enough space in the stock room to spread them out and match them up to the correct newspaper first thing in the morning before we open the shop - what a bore.


Not sure its widely used. Lets wait a bit for people to try and figure it out before we toss a coin to decide who explains it in case nobody manages.

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Yes, I recall hearing that bit of info about pictures of clocks and watches on sale always show the same time and remember the reasons given - I think it was on Stephen Fry’s QI programme some years ago and it’s the kind of trivia that I find interesting and sticks in my mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mostly we get them posted through our door. We just stick them straight in our recycle bin.

I don’t mind loose leaflets in magazines in the slightest, because I never buy magazines. It’s the ones they keep shoving through my letter box that really annoy me. :rage:


Would you rather they knocked on your door and read the leaflet out to you first?

Yes, because my response would deter them from ever doing it again. :075:

Unless they looked capable of physical aggression, of course.

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Of course. Then you would stand there while they read it out, smile and gingerly take it from them, thanking them profusely. Then you would slam the door. :+1:

Yes, but only on the inside.

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Just put them in the recycle bin ! How hard is that to do??

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