Do you have any/many natural disasters where you live?

Here in Perth, Western Australia it is rare to have a “Natural Disaster”
We get Gale force winds, heavy rain and the occasional wildfire in the hills surrounding Perth.
No flooding, no earthquakes, no cyclones, no volcanos.
When I was a young tacker in Tasmania I remember being woken late at night by the house shaking a little. Very, very minor.

Same here. There is flooding if you live in the lowlands but not here.

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No …just me :sunglasses:


we can get flooded out and do in the Kimberley 3000kms from perth? cyclones too - knock ya off ya feet they can!

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You have been having floods there lately yes?
Were you affected at all. Stranded of some such?

So you are a walking disaster :thinking: :grinning:

Perth is predominately situated on the Coastal Plain.
No flooding to speak of. Minor flooding when major drains can not cope with a torrential down pour.

yes…the conservative government


I think that is a universal problem :cry:

. . . and nothing natural about it.


Dunno about ‘natural’ disasters… more like ‘unnatural’ disasters here.

Commonly referred to as ‘teenagers’ or ‘young people’

Car thefts and knife wielding have been on the increase for a long time with ‘Authorities’ constantly saying “We must do something about this”

But AS USUAL b…r all is ever done about it & won’t until a MAJOR or SIGNIFICANT disaster happens that affects enough people.

The above is just one example, but the outcomes of the above alone have resulted in more innocent and completely unnecessary deaths even in last several days, & sadly changed the lives forever of those left behind. :frowning:


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Not perhaps on the disaster scale but we do get flooding around here on the Somerset Levels.

A very bad one in 2014 and another January this year


Sad times indeed. One has to wonder how can those intent on inflicting pain on other be handled?
No one knows when a person might flip from being rather passive to aggressive.
We can only react after the event. It is up to the parents, schools and society to instil proper moral and ethics into the children.
Show them the correct way to treat people

Those events would be heartbreaking. I can not imagine my home being inundated, ruining all my possessions and damaging my home to such an extent.
How long does it take for people to recover from such events? Certainly months, plus the is a fight with the insurance companies. Many of whom will fight to make the policy null and void over a technicality or breach. :frowning_face:

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I agree, drying your house out after a flood would be heart breaking. My house is unlikely to be affected by natural disasters directly, flooding is very unlikely.

During the 2019/20 bush fires it got within 30km of me and I found ash and burnt gum leaves in my garden but it would have to come a lot closer for me to start filling the gutters with water, However the escarpment, which is only a few ks from me, hasn’t burned since the 1960s so it is well possible.

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Yes! We have been through an earthquake, 2 tornadoes and one hurricane.

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This is devastating. :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow. Was the earthquake strong or mild?
What is the difference between a Hurricane and a Tornado?

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Personally I have been in three earthquakes, one in Iran, one in Afghanistan and one in Sydney. The one in Afghanistan was pretty severe and sent us running own the stairs of the mudbrick hotel we were staying in, we moved into the earthquake proof hotel nearly opposite the same day. The Sydney earthquake I slept though even though it did crack the wall at the back of the place I was staying in.

There is definitely a feeling of helplessness when they occur waiting for them to stop

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Yes, I think it would be horrible to see the water creep up and invade and destroy your home and everything you worked for

To be fair, we didn’t hear many cases of insurers not paying out. I think the government, the media and the public were very much behind the victims so the insurers did pay out millions

The problem was that they pushed up the premiums sky high for the next year so it was very hard for people in the area to afford insurance at all

It’s a difficult one because it is very likely the area will flood again, although they’re working on flood prevention

The government intervened and worked with the insurance companies to create a scheme called Flood Re to help people in areas of high risk to get insurance at affordable rates

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