Do you have any ideas/plans for saving power?

Now that’s something I haven’t used for a long time ,the convection part of my microwave oven . I shall experiment with something…what tho? Might try grilling some fish fingers . …how exciting a thought . :smiley:

My only cooking apparatus consists of a Gas oven with integrated gas grill, and an induction hob for pans, and a double burner camping gas for power cuts and emergencies.
Never used a microwave.

We have an Instant Pot. It uses much less power.

There are disadvantages using an instant pot Besoeker…

What are the disadvantages of an Instant Pot?

Cons of the Instant Pot

** It isn’t really “instant”: Despite its name and the hype, the Instant Pot does take some time to come to pressure and cook your food. …*
** Bulky and hard to clean: The Instant Pot is quite big and does take up kitchen real estate.*

The induction hob will have your veg and spuds in the steamer, cooked in 20 minutes with very little wasted heat.

What can I say? It really works with less energy.

I have a convection/grill/microwave but I only use the convection part for making cakes because compared to the air fryer it is still a much larger volume to heat.

Haven’t ever used the grill part.

I’ve stopped using the central heating all together and I’m just heating the room I’m in ,with a fan heater when needed. It’s a he’ll of a lot cheaper.


If I went out tomorrow and bought a top of the range ‘instant pot’ how long would it be before the savings in energy begin to turn a profit? That’s assuming I was satisfied with the results Besoeker.
I’m more interested in saving money than helping the power company out by saving energy, and I reckon forking out £230 quid on something I don’t need is bad economics. It might use less power than my induction hob, but it still uses power and that also has to be factored in when deciding how much I can save, and when.

I noticed that the power requirement for the Ninja is 1460 Watts…

That’s more than the power my Induction hob uses…? Remember, that I’m only cooking for two, and only use one ring of my hob…

I’ve stopped using the central heating all together and I’m just heating the room I’m in ,with a fan heater when needed. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

Big house Sally?
We live in a two bedroom bungalow and need access to all areas. Because the central heating boiler uses gas (approx 12 pence per unit) compared to an electric fan heater just warming one room at 25 pence per unit…I think it would be false economy to use electricity to only heat one room.

The cost was #140 squid. In the next few months we will recover that if we haven’t already. So far we have not used the oven once. And, because it doesn’t get very hot, it is easy to clean.

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It’s really interesting reading the differences of opinion on what’s more cost efficient, especially when two of the members locking horns are a Yorkshireman and a Scotsman. :wink:

I just happen to be a professional…:slight_smile:

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I bow to your superior knowledge Besoeker…

You’re not bad at yourself!!

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E mail from my energy supplier today.

We are cutting your direct debt from £116 a month to £69 a month.

In the next few days we will be refunding £495 to your account.

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Amazing !the tide is turning .

Single person living solo.
The only thing that uses electricity all day is the fridge.
Everything else is turned off at the power point. No electric clocks, nothing using standby power. Front and rear doors have weather stripping.
Blockout curtains help keep the summer heat outside.

Great song by Roger Waters.

All good! My field is power electronics so energy efficiency was paramount. One of the projects we won was in a cement works. The chief engineer there was seriously into efficiency. As was I. When we were doing the last nuts and bolts on the project the engineer requested that we use LEDs for the indicator lamps. Well, they are very much efficient than incandescent units - quite a lot more costly. Of course I accepted. It was peanuts compared to the project (around half a million as I recalled).

That war around 1991. I have just used LEDs

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