Do you have any Allergies?

Nothing for me. Seems like the older generation are mostly allergy free but the younger ones are awash with allergies.
Wonder why? Too sterile these days?
Not enough getting dirty outside, eating dirt, jumping in creeks, handling critters, frogs cetera


Only one that I know of.

I am allergic to Elastoplast, presumably the glue. Plastic strips like Band Aids don’t affect me. This hasn’t been tested since I was a kid as I avoid the stuff.

I badly sprained my ankle once at Grammar School and the hospital bound it up with Elastoplast the itching drove me up the wall, it was agony. It never occurred to me to remove it.

Yes, I sometimes get a little bit of excema but only on my neck.
Started just days after my granddaughter was born. Perfume, scarfs and occasionally stress cause
a flare up. :open_mouth:

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Not really an allergy, more a food intolerance. Eating prawns send me rushing to the toilet at both ends. After purging the offending prawn, usually after 4 hours of grief, I’m perfectly well.


I think suicide would be an option if that happened to me.

In the 80’s a friend of mine had gout and when he discovered that seafood, in particular prawns and scallops were off the menu life became very bleak. Fortunately there was still beer.


Or maybe it’s due to too much exposure to pollutants in the atmosphere in their formative years?

Also, the food children are given to eat has changed a lot since I was a kid.
Foods are now being modified for factory farming, processing and mass distribution. There are so many more processed “ready meals”, additives and preservative chemicals in food nowadays.


That is a novel allergy. The glue on elastoplast. Well I never. :smiley:

So I surmise you do not use perfume?

When was the last time you ate prawns?

I have been told at hospitals that they have come across it before.

Actually I just thought of another allergy - Havels (sp?) - which is the dust created by a harvester when it separated the wheat from the chaff. As a teen I used to work on my uncle’s farm in Suffolk at harvest time (“work” might be overstating it) and I used to avoid the harvester or try to completely cover my skin if I was driving a tractor near it when it was in operation. My cousin who used to drive the harvester used to have the same problem.

Well I do just careful , where I put it . :wink:

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Yes,all medications/creams,coffee,and plasters.
I would be a nightmare if i were to be in an accident.

I ran the Snowdon marathon back in 1990, we were staying in digs at Llandudno and they served fish pie for dinner that night. I picked out all the prawns (or thought I had) and gave them to Mrs Fox. I missed one and spotted it on my fork “What harm would one little old prawn do” I though. After about one hour I emptied the contents of my stomach and bowels down the toilet for the next four hours…Talk about ‘Brontosaurarse’

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I know when I put on washing up gloves I have a bit of a reaction. Parts of me itch. And I also can’t tolerate a general anaesthetic. I beg for Ondansetron. It’s the only drug that prevents the sickness afterwards.


I’m allergic to Aspirin I come out in a big rash.
Also Brazil Nuts, my whole mouth and tongue swells up.
Also I am Asthma and COPD.

I agree with you Bretrick, in the old days, Children played in the streets, rolled around in dirt etc. and they were healthy.


I suffer with excema & used to suffer with dermatitis, but that stopped once kids were out of nappies, was the nappysan stuff caused that.
No idea why excema though, it just came, on my back, shoulders & arms, sometimes worse than others. Just on my back, a small patch & same on my right arm at present. I try very hard not to scratch it too, but boy does it itch.
I also am allergic to any stings or bites from insects.

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My allergies are to cat danders, I have a cat, wouldn’t part
with her ever.

Otherwise am allergic to all Shell Fish.

Allergic to perfumes in any products, so much caution
there, have to read labels endlessly.

Spider bites, mosquitoes, what a mess of things that can
be at times and in the summer…

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I have sensitive skin if I use certain products or washing powders. I have used ecover for years for that reason. I used to have very bad reactions to some creams and cosmetics particularly around my eyes when I was younger. Even the nosebuds on my glasses would react with my skin. I would also react on the inside of my arms and sometimes neck and chest area. Some parts of the body seem to have more delicate skin than others. It has completely stopped since I started being very fussy about what I use on my skin. Mainly organic products without parabens. Once you stop using all the chemical-based products you can really smell the stink of artificial toxins when you come across them. I also don’t use air fresheners and rarely use scented candles. I think they contain substances that might give you cancer. I don’t believe in the safety tests they do.

I went through a phase of going into hospital with anaphylaxis. That was not much fun. The last time I was on a running machine at the gym. I had all sorts of inconclusive allergy tests but it hasn’t happened since I gave up gluten. My severe allergy developed in my mid 30s. It’s interesting that my skin also settled when I gave up gluten.


What are cat danders?

Not allergies as such
But now im getting older
Theres lots of things i cant eat
Anything spicy cream, pickles, onions …
And i guess , there be more to come !

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