Do you have a strong accent?

Do you have an accent? If yes, what is it?
Are you posh or not?

think i need to phone a friend

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You still have two life lines remaining : 50/50 or ask the audience

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Yep, proper debon.

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… bit sloaney, public skool street.

with a hint of Chipping Norton. :smiley:

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I’m going to Google Chipping Norton DooD

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Still figuring this out

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Better still … come and visit. :wink:

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Devon folk don’t arf talk funny.

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It’s on my bucket list.

Yes, Yorkshire East Riding mixed with Lanashire, mixed with Dahn sarth!

I get a lot of Pardons.


I object, I have never talked funny in my life.:slight_smile:

You taalk funny haha or funny peculiar, Tiff me darlin’ ?


Used to have a soft Dublin lilt - then - private/grammar school killed it.
Boringly anonymous ‘Queen’s English’ now - and she’s not even my Queen!!

So posh then? By the way, forgive my ignorance. Is saying you’re posh an insult :102:

Sounds grand :smiley:

Don’t think so. What I do notice is that if I’ve been talking to someone in a non-English language I slip into the grammar of that language. Same with reading.

TAT what non English language do you speak?
I speak Afrikaans but understand Finnish and Dutch. My first language is The Queen’s English

Back along I wasn’t Devonian.

Posh is fine, Minx. I talks a bit of Middlesex, a bit of London & a bit Devonshire.