Do you go out in the evenings?

I had lunch with some friends today and they were saying they don’t go out in the evenings now, because they don’t like night driving and prefer earlier nights and doing their socialising in the day

Thinking about it, as we get older I’ve noticed a lot of my friends don’t go out in the evenings much

Me, I’m a night owl and love a good evening out, coming home in the dark and seeing all the lights

What about you?


I sometimes go to the Theatre in an evening , but im with someone who brings me home .
Im less likely to go out by myself of an evening .

Not sure if ive told this before .
Some years back i went with a forum friend to the Theatre of an evening , She got a lift back with her Husband , I was getting the Bus back , but I missed it , so phoned Hubby to come get me ,
I went to the ring road and stood out side a Resurant , not open yet , and waited and waited and waited , it was his way .
This was Freshers week and there was lots of loud mouthed Freshers out to have fun on their first time away from home ,
Climbing on top of Bus shelters and generally being idiots , running like a herd , when one ran upto me grabbed me in a bear hug and told me i was a bit of alright , before letting go and running off again .
I was a bit shaken by this , and while i was still waiting a couple of PC s who were doing the rounds said hello are you all right , I related what had happened , and they decided to stay with me till Hubby arrived .
So there I stood with one on each side of me offering me MnMs , I felt as if every car and bus that passed were eyeing me , thinking the worse .
It became a long wait and the 2 PCs asked where hubby was coming from , and then it got to small talk and i began to wish the ground would open up and swallow me .

It was enough to put me off going out of an evening again, for a long time .

I don’t go out unless I absolutely have to…period. People are just horrible and I try to limit my exposure because I don’t have a large amount of bail money lying around.

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Yes couple of times a week, we have some lovely old pubs here.
Usually back home around 11 pm.

Not at all, no reason to now, the only Birds that have any importance are the ones in the dawn chorus :grin: :dove:

I avoid going out at night as much as possible.

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I rarely go out in an evening these days. I don’t drive when it is dark anymore because I get disoriented due to the headlights of other cars.

Not since I retired. When I was working I was often asked to go out on call at any hour day or night, so going out at night time doesn’t bother me. These days I seldom have reason to go out at night, but it wouldn’t worry me if I had to.

Yes teazle has a pee before we go to bed so go outside as well to see where she poos

yes, I go out in the evenings many times.

Sport, dinners.

No issue driving.

Do I go out in the evening to a pub or eatery in the vicinity of our town centre, not a chance! There’s enough unpleasantness and antisocial behaviour during the daytime, things just seem to be getting worse.
If we’re on holiday by the coast then it’s a real treat to go out, especially if it’s somewhere close to the water and that wonderful sea air :sunrise::wine_glass:

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ooo tis morning already…



No - I rarely go out at night, unless someone else is driving! I used to live in a small village and driving along unlit country roads at night is no fun so I have got out of the habit. I prefer to socialise during the day , as do most of my friends,and then settle down with a good film and a glass of wine at night!

Concerts,evening sporting fixtures

tis a new Day innit…is it?


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no still partying here…

Purrfect bruv!!! :wink:

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