Do you doubt yourself

As you’ve gotten older, do you doubt that you can achieve certain things?

Obviously for some of us, our physical strength has diminished over the years.

I’ll give you an instance…I doubted that I could drive to Newbury and that doubt kept me hostage, well, I’m pleased to say, i drove in faith and had no problem getting to my destination.

It really boosted my confidence…I’ve got to get back yet,:sweat_smile:

Any stories to tell?


Yes, I don’t feel lockdown has helped, either. We haven’t been out and about as much

I don’t drive so I’ve always been happy to hop on the bus or the train and go for miles on day trips and adventures if there’s no one to drive me or give me a lift. And thoroughly enjoy it

But last time I had to go on the train I was quite nervous and anxious.

What if I couldn’t get on and off the train quickly enough, I lost my ticket or my purse, I got on the wrong train? Things I’ve never worried about before

Of course it was fine and I felt silly for worrying

I think we’ve just got to give ourselves a kick up the butt and tell ourselves to get on with it sometimes

I like that saying “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

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Good insight there Marie, so I’m not alone, sometimes you feel like you’re the only one with these anxieties…thanks for sharing.:grinning:

I was all ready to go on the bus, yet couldn’t stand the thought of freezing on the buses again…I couldn’t believe how calm I felt, but I did pray before and throughout my journey,:pray:…I could not believe how easy it was…

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You see, sometimes you just gotta be brave

Gawd, I sound like a right prig sometimes, I’m a total sissy really

Maybe I’m thinking of that old song/ story on the radio!

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Let’s just say, I felt a very strong leading this morning, I just had to do it,:pray:

I would have doubts about driving down to London these days. It’s been 20 years since I did it and the roads were a nightmare then. I don’t think I could cope with the traffic there now, nor do I want to, I’ve gotten so used to my wee one track and mostly empty roads up here. I even hate going up n down the A9 it can get crazy around Inverness and The Black Isle.


Lucky you,Rox…:+1::+1:…I wish I had my own track,:joy:

I totally disagree with this basic concept, I have found exactly the opposite. I set out to achieve or do something then discover age is stopping me completing it, either because I am no longer physically strong enough or am just getting too decrepit. For example working under the car usually means I have a nap under there before I crawl out (after ensuring that I take everything I am likely to need before crawling under).

Soon I have to regrease the bearings on my trailer, a job that would once take less than an hour for each bearing, now it takes all day, sometimes I even spread it over two days.

It doesn’t help either when your kids, with the best of intentions, get exasperated and brush you aside with, “Oh Dad, let me do that.”

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In March I am going on extended holiday. I will be traveling in my car and sleeping in the back (mostly). The trip I’m planning will take several months, and I am chomping at the bit. Can’t wait to be out and see new places. I’ll be staying at campgrounds some, but really just to shower. I’m slightly worried about my car preforming at peak, but I’ve done everything so far that needed doing. Incidentally, I have been planning this for about a year and have been collecting everything I need. :grin:

To answer the question. Of course I doubt myself. The great thing is I keep surprising myself with my resilience. :grin:


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This is a great thread Pauline!

In software development there is a term people use for this - it’s called ‘imposter syndrome’ - I’m not joking :lol: (If you don’t believe me look here:

So yes, I constantly doubt myself however I embrace it! And so I doubt myself publicly and I ask questions openly so that others can see that they’re not alone.

We all doubt ourselves, I think it is healthy - the fun and rewarding part is when you push through those fears and find that you were worrying needlessly. Well done with your little achievement :023: (what’s next? Skydiving? :upside_down_face:)

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Well done you for staying optimistic about what you can do and if it takes you a bit longer, so what? Don’t let a few set backs put you off

I know what you mean about the kids

One thing I’m determined never to think I can’t master is new technology. I make myself do all the my techie stuff myself and make them tell me how to do it and not take over and do it for me (probably drives them nuts!)

I’ve got a notebook I write down instructions in and tell myself “of course you can do this”

But some of my colleagues at work who are the same age as me have given up on keeping up with technology and mastering new systems when they are introduced and I can tell they’ve lost confidence in being able to master it.

I’m always quite chuffed when the youngsters ask me how to do something!

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It’s definitely about pushing through those fears and today I did just that…I feel on top of the world…I have more fears to conquer…who knows maybe an aeroplane next,:+1::+1:

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You go for it Pauline! I was afraid of flying until I took my first flight at the age of 70. It took a lot of courage but I loved it and am so glad that I conquered that fear.

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I get knocked back too easily I believe…the police stopped me on the way home, they told me I was doing 35 mph in a 60 mph zone…they were worried that a lorry may go into the back of me…I did tell them this was my first journey by car, they were so kind, they stayed behind me for a few miles and just told me to put my foot down…it knocked my confidence,but, as my son said…keep doing it mum, next time travel back in the daylight and not the dark…:+1::+1:

Thanks for those encouraging words, Margaret…:pray::heartpulse:

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Love that,Alice,:heartpulse::+1::+1::+1:

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An age old trick for getting people to do things for you - do it so badly they will be unable to hold themselves back.

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My middle son used to do that…he ironed his shirts so badly, I ended up doing them…I never cottoned on at the time though…:joy: