Do You Believe This?

Mexican actress Lyn May has announced that she is pregnant at the age of 68, revealing that she is set to have a baby with her 29-year-old partner, Markos D1.
This can’t be true, can it?

Would you have a baby now, if you could?


Maybe she is using a surrogate?

And he££ no! I wouldn’t dream of bringing a child into this world. I’m quite glad I don’t have grandchildren yet, despite liking the idea.

Good grief there are no words are there.

What a world

No I wouldnt bring any more children into this planet it concerns me greatly

No, I can’t believe it.

She’s only 39 years his senior. 62 and pregnant, she’ll be 80 by the time the kid graduated high school. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Surely there are some mental health issues floating around here, by both parties.

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Have just googled her, she looked quite nice when she was human.

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No doubt she was.
AFAIK, no amount of plastic surgery will prevent one from a natural decline in physical and mental agility, nor will it extend one’s life expectancy.

Sorry ladies if I’m making too much of a wild generalisation on this, but on the whole you know that men are pretty much less trustworthy in terms of bringing up children in terms of day in, day out short, medium and long term practical involvement.

It’s a mighty leap of faith on her part to assume that the father will fully take up the mantle of responsibility when she pegs out, or is incapable of seeing to matters herself. Indeed, it’s always a huge leap of faith to assume he’ll even stick around.

As my geordie friend once put it:

“Yer mam’s your mam, but dads tend to come and go.”

Good luck to her and hope she has many more

I googled it and it seems the alleged father said that he was bamboozled as the “LOVED UP PHOTOS” were taken a couple of years ago,and they had only been out together a couple of times…but hey ,it got her publicity

Holy Frijoles. :wheelchair:

Twice now I’ve come back to this thread.
Still I look at the photo and think to myself: "What? Nah … "

Art, personally I don’t believe it, it’s just stirring up media attention.

If it is true…then I will publicly apologise to both of them…I will believe when she gives birth,:wink:

She may not even survive childbirth at her age, also there is a big risk of the child being deformed :worried:

good greif,shes ugly

A definite double-bagger if ever I saw one.


Whats a double bagger?

Sad sign of the Times, media circus sideshow

It’s when a man puts a bag over his own head just in case hers falls off. :smiley: